Happy Valentine's Day!

Yep, the day of Love, Flowers, Pink and Red things, Chocolates, etc is here!

Hallmark, rejoice!

I agree with most other people that Valentine's Day is a bit silly--you should show your loved ones that they're loved all the time. But, I think we all have the tendency to get busy, things fall by the wayside, so, if for no other reason, it reminds us all that we really should let those people know how we feel.

Unfortunately for me, my Valentine is out of the country for work. Poopsicles, right?
But, he was sweet enough (as I mentioned in yesterday's post), to make me a mix-tape of songs before he went, and left me a card because he knows how much I love them. And when I got home from work yesterday, there were flowers waiting for me at the door. He made sure to make it special for me even though he couldn't be here, and I love him for that.

Wanna know what might be even cuter/sweeter than that? 
His dad got all of the females in his family a bouquet of flowers. His wife, two daughters, the 4 grand-daughters.....
for the "big" girls

little fishies for the "little" girls
.....and one for me, too :)
It means a lot to me that he included me. This family has always made me feel like I'm part of their family, but little things like this just touch my heart and make me feel incredibly special. And lucky.

It gives me a little something extra to smile about today, when I can't spend it with the guy I love and adore.

Lucky for me (maybe?) a friend of mine also has a boyfriend who can't be with her, so she and I are going to be each others' Valentine dates tonight. Perhaps a little sangria to celebrate? I mean, it's red...
On Valentine's Day, or any other day, I'm very aware of just how lucky I am to have this amazing man in my life:
I thank my lucky stars (and Match.com) that he's mine, on a regular basis :)

Whether it be with a boyfriend, husband, or a good friend, I hope you all have fun/cute things planned to celebrate the day.

Remember, it's the small things in life that make life special.


  1. Ah, soooo sweet!!
    Happy Valentine's Day

  2. WOOHOO hooray for girl celebrated valentine's day!

    Yay for fun flowers from the bf and hi dad.

    Happy pink and red day!

  3. That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! Now we know why MG is so special - he has a great role model in his dad. I bet all of the women loved their flowers - especially the 'little girls' with those precious fishy bouquets. It warms my heart to see that he sent you one too:) Love it. Happy Valentine's Day! Drink some sangria for me tonight!

  4. Aww, how sweet!! Clearly your man has some romantical genes. Love it. :)

  5. Happy Valentine's Day! Looks like your guy learned from his dad. So sweet. :)

  6. Ahh the flowers for all the little girls! So cute. Swoon.

    Guess what that means for you? Great breeding, trained well. Def, long term material... as if you didn't know :)


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