Long Weekend

Thank goodness for those presidents....cuz I SURE needed that extra day off yesterday.
Not only was it an extra day to relax away from work, but it made it possible for me to go down to VA Beach to spend some quality time with my bestie!

I stayed in on Friday night to rest up from the stress-filled week, and to get packed so I could jump on the road early Saturday morning. I left around 8 and got to VA Beach around 11am. It gave us some time to hang out, let me see her SUPER cute new place, and let my dog and her sister's dog (she was dog-sitting) get acquainted with one another before we went out for the afternoon. 
Once the afternoon hit, we started our girls day by heading to an urban winery with 3 other ladies. The wine flights came in this cool tree (I'd never seen it before), and it looked pretty fancy!

The wines were yummy, and afterwards, we went to get some yummy Mexican food.
Unfortunately the weather kinda put a damper on our evening plans since it was rain/snowing off and on the entire afternoon, so Genna and I headed back to her place for a night in.

Sadly, both of us were exhausted by the time 9:30 hit, and we called it a night pretty early.

Saturday we lazed around until early afternoon and then went shopping. Genna helped me find a cute belt to go with that dress that I bought myself for my birthday, and I got a really cute ring and scarf too:

That afternoon we went over to her sister's place so that I could FINALLY meet her second nephew, and spend some time with her other nephew and her sister. We had dinner together, played with the boys, and ended the night getting some ice cream, then headed back to her place and watched girly shows on tv. Just like old times!
Oh, and we both ended up wearing clothes that day that matched her throw pillows:
Hey, they are the colors of the season! :)

The next morning, we had an early lunch, and then I headed off back home. Traffic was a pain in the butt, especially for a holiday, but I was happy to make it home. 

Cooper was obviously exhausted from his fun weekend away, as evidenced by this picture last night:

The trip was great, overall, and my only complaint is that it went by too quickly! I miss having my buddy in the same town as me, to hang out with and do girl stuff together on a regular basis. But, I'm super glad to have her in my life. And I'd drive through any amount of crap traffic to see her! :) 
I love how it's been a while since Genna and I have hung out (or lived together), but as soon as we hang out, it's like no time has passed by. I think it's the sign of a true friendship :)

I hope your weekends were fun-filled, too!


  1. So cute! i cant wait to go have a girls weekend!

  2. Those are the best kinds of weekends and friendships. I'm so glad you were able to see her and have good quality time together.

    Very pretty ring and I love the wine glasses, so cool looking.


  3. Sounds like you had a fun weekend! And I LOVE that ring! Where is it from?

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Having that extra day really makes such a difference!

  5. Love the outfit!! I have got to get some white jeans this spring! And the shrimp dish looks amazing...I love quinoa. Happy Wednesday!


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