WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

It's Wednesday, so let's link up with Jamie and Michelle for WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

I'm loving that it's exactly a week before MG comes back home from his work trip. It's been too long!

I'm loving that I have good friends who are keeping me company while MG is away. I had a lovely sushi date with my buddy P!nky last night, and tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with another girl friend. It's nice to keep busy and get time to catch up with my girls! (and watch all the reality tv that I want! haha)

I'm loving that I had an amazing weekend with one of my besties. It'd been a while since we'd visited, and it was the perfect opportunity to catch up on friend-time. Miss that girl!

I'm loving friends having good news to share, and being able to celebrate exciting life moments!

I'm loving cell phones and email. If not for those, this time apart from MG would be near impossible. Technology can be annoying sometimes, but it's really great for times like this!

And, as usual, I'm loving Pinterest and all of its time-suck awesomeness!
This week I've been pinning...
Is it Spring yet?? Can I have this in my closet??
I love love love this ceiling!
Pesto Shrimp with Snow Peas over Quinoa
 Looks super yum and healthy!
How freaking adorable is this picture?
Hero! :)
hehehe, oh yes, yes you are! :)
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Have a happy Wednesday! That much closer to the weekend :)


  1. Totally cute spring outfit! I love white pants, but I always get them sooooo dirty... *sigh*

  2. LOL at the last pin and I love the puppies and baby photo. i feel left out tho...aren't I one of your girlfriends?! i like to hang out. I'm totally jealous!

  3. Oh how I'm wishing that it's spring already! I'm sick of the snow and cold temperatures! Love the ecard about saving wine :) Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  4. LOVE the wine bottle pin, so perfect! So so perfect!

    Sushi last night was bomb.com, so much fun.

    YAY a week, you got this! It's not toooo much longer!!!!!


  5. Looove when the BF is gone and I can watch whatever I want on tv :)

    And that first outfit pin. AH-dorable!

  6. Love me some Ryan Gosling! And even though it stinks being apart for so long, it will be exciting when MG gets home - you guys will be SO happy to be together again. Sometimes being away from each other for a bit is key to remembering how much you love each other - 'absence makes the heart grow fonder!'

  7. PS: I am super jealous of your sushi date. Need. Sushi. Bad. That will def be one of my first meals as soon as baby boy makes his appearance!

  8. Thank goodness for email & cell phones. I don't know how people ever lived without them. :) And, that Shrimp dish looks amazing. Definitely pinning that one!

  9. Hah. yes. I love that wine print. That is my motto.

  10. I LOVE the wine pin - SOOO great and so me:)

  11. Stopping by from WILW...cute pins, especially the puppies and baby!

    I had to laugh at your bio...my husband and I also met on Match.com (although we don't ever really admit it to anyone...lol) and we always laugh at the commercials too.


  12. Love all your pinterest finds! The outfit is so cute!!

  13. Oooh Pest Shrimp? That sounds amazing!!


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