Confess Sesh

How about some confessions on this Friday? Whaddya say?

I confess that.... made me SO happy to have so many friends/family send me birthday presents and cards on my 30th. In particular, MG's sisters both sent me things from Loft (gift card, clothes and jewelry--yay!) and cards that said how happy they were that I'm in MG's life and that I'm their friend and a part of their family. Dang I love them!

.....this cold I got last week is annoying. I'm in the coughing phase which sucks. Sometimes I cough so hard I get light headed. I wish I was joking. Probably not a good thing.

.....I might stay in tonight and do absolutely nothing other than watch tv, relax and try to get healthy while MG has a guy's night tonight. I did enough celebrating last weekend to last me for a few weeks, so I think I'll take tonight off and try not to pass out from coughing too hard. #OldSickPeopleProblems

.....I hate that my car insurance is due the same month as my birthday. It's like "Happy birthday!!! fork over your money!" Ugh.

....I'm over this Winter coldness crap. I thought that stinkin' groundhog said Spring was coming. Well, where the heck is it???

....going into a 2nd grade class the other day to do an observation and having one girl tell me "I like your scarf," then another say "I like your jacket" and then the first one said "I like your jacket, too. And your shoes"....really gives your confidence a boost. Little kids don't lie! :) much as losing an hour sucked this weekend (especially since it took away an hour of my birthday celebrating...and sleep), I do enjoy having the sun out until 7pm. Makes me feel like I can still actually enjoy the day after I get home from work.

....Cooper needs his nails cut, pretty badly. I've always been afraid to do it myself, but I think I'm getting to the point where I need to suck it up and try. He has a grooming appointment in a couple weeks but he can't go that long before getting them cut. Keep your fingers (or paws) crossed that I don't screw this up royally!

....I may have found the perfect high-low dress that I've been looking for! It's not super baggy on top (no easter egg hunt in my top!), and is a pretty coral color. I purchased it immediately and am now eagerly awaiting its arrival. Hopefully before PR!

....speaking of, Puerto Rico is now 9 days away and I. Can't. Freaking. Wait. No work, sunshine, beaches, exploring, 80 degree weather....yes, please! This is going to be on my mind, on repeat, to help me get through the next week.

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Fun confessions!

    Having family support is super awesome, glad everyone made your bday week special.

    So jealous of PR, it's gonna be awesome!

  2. 'No Easter egg hunt in my top!' LOVE it! You are too funny:) My hubby cuts our pups nails, and it works out just fine. Coop might not like it too much, but it shouldn't hurt him - just take off as little as possible to make sure you don't clip a nerve. So sorry you're still not feeling too well. I think a night in sounds perfect. After all, you need to be over the cold by the time you leave for PR! Get you some Talenti gelato and have a veg sesh with some trashy tv (i.e. Real Housewives marathon on Bravo, lol!)

  3. i'm with you on wanting warmer weather already! and like i said, please just pack me in your suitcase... i need a vacay sooo bad!

  4. Ugh-- I've had just a cough for the last week. I'm pretty sure it's just allergies, but it still sucks. Hope yours is gone soon! I'm definitely ready for some warm weather-- my flip flops are itching to come out of the closet! Have a great weekend, Jenn!! :)

  5. Oh goodness, I am so afraid of cutting my dog's nails! The last time I tried I clipped too low and she bled, which made me feel like the absolutely worst person on the planet and even though she didn't seem fazed, I held her all night. As for the rest, yay! That dress is super cute, and I am so stoked for you to experience PR, it's going to be wonderful!

  6. ha @ easter egg hunt. LOL.
    now i feel bad i didn't send you anything for your bday. whoopsie. i love you tho. does that count!? we do have to do lunch/dinner thing to celebrate soon.
    I think i'm staying in tonight too. i'm so tired and worn down.

  7. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well! Hope you get everything figured out!

  8. When I notice that Weiser's nails are long, I just take him on extra walks and the cement sidewalks shave them down ;)


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