Weekend Recap!

Did you all have a happy, green-filled weekend??

Friday night for me was spent staying in, attempting to recooperate from that stupid cold I had. I Redboxed Wreck it Ralph which was really cute, and was in bed decently early. All in all I know it helped me out and I'm feeling better today, even though I still have a bit of a cough that's hanging on.

Saturday morning I had a massage and facial scheduled--the last time I went for a massage they told me my appointment had been cancelled (and no one told me), so they gave me a complimentary massage and facial...I just had to wait 3 weeks to get it. Needless to say, my back and shoulders were more than happy to finally get on the massage train! I felt soooo relaxed afterwards...and then it took me 35 minutes to drive 6 miles home. Grrr! I still managed to stay loose and relaxed, though. DC area living....blah!

After some down time and a shower, MG and I went into DC to meet up with a friend of mine who was in town running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. Luckily DC wasn't TOO crazy with St. patty's day celebrators (due to Shamrock Fest happening elsewhere) so we were able to hang out and catch up without having to deal with a bunch of total drunkards.

Sunday was spent running errands and going furniture shopping. MG and I are trying to find a couch/sofa set that will fit in our place without overwhelming our living room area. We found a set that we really liked, but it's just too big. Drat! Back to the drawing board!

And, sprinkled throughout various parts of our weekend was watching Downton Abbey. We got on board this train late last week and are already on episode 2 of the second season. I'm LOVING it, and am finding myself WAY too attached to some of the characters. I know that something big happens at the end of this season based on everyone's facebook updates a few weeks ago and I'm really hoping it won't devastate me haha.

I'm really obsessed with the show now. I have a feeling the rest of the 7 episodes are going to be watched rather quickly the next couple of nights!

And, that pretty much sums it up for me. I'm no longer coughing like crazy, my voice has pretty much returned to normal, I got sleep, relaxation, some fun with friends, and quality time with my dude. All in all, a pretty good weekend.

Now, I just have to make it through one more work week before I can enjoy this:
6 days and counting..... :)


  1. Wreck it Ralph was so cute, we loved it at our Friday viewing party.

    Jealous of course of your trip, sounds so fun.

  2. You can do it - just one more week til paradise! So jealous!:) Sounds like a good weekend!

  3. downton abbey is so good... but prepare to be devastated!


  4. Wreck It Ralph was way cuter than I expected! I hope the next week is hard, since you get to rub it in that you are leaving for paradise...I kid, I kid ;)


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