Friday Letters

It's Friday!!!! Wahoooo!
Ready for some letters??
Dear sore throat, please go away. I really really really don't want another cold this year (working with the younger kids this year has really taken a toll on my health). And especially not on my birthday weekend. So please, just go away!

Dear MG, thank you for going out of your way to make the big 3-0 special for me with a trip to NY. You are usually not so good at secrets, but the fact that I only know when we are leaving and coming back, and that we are seeing a show (not which one) when we're in NY, is impressive. I'm excited for what you, and the weekend, have in store!

Dear new pair of wedges, you are SUPER comfy (so far) and I can not wait for warmer weather so that I can wear you with cute skirts, shorts and dresses. I have a feeling you will be making your way into my suitcase for our Puerto Rico trip, too! Come on, Spring!!!

Dear drama, I am SO glad that you seem to finally be done and out of the way. I learned a lot about certain people in my life, and with that, really really appreciate the amazing friends who I have.

Dear snow "storm," you really weren't much of a storm where I'm at, but I was VERY happy to get a day off from work, and then a 2 hour delay yesterday morning. Part of the perks of working for a huge county is that other places get hit with more snow, and I get to relax in my PJ's! 

Dear 30, although I still have a few days left of my 20's, I'm finally really ready to embrace you. Looking back, I've learned a lot of stuff about myself, the world, and other people in my 20's. I've realized even more than I had before just how important my parents are to me. I've made some great friends, found my lovable pup, and met an amazing guy who has a wonderful family that loves me, too. My 20's were spent figuring all that out and finding those people. Now I can really just enjoy all of that stuff in my 30's. And really, what's not to like about that?? Lots of stuff to look forward to!

And on that note, I'm off to get through my work day and then head up to New York, New York!
The next time I'm here, I'll be 30! Eeek!


  1. Hooooray birthday weekend! it's finally here! Great job MG, well done [pat on your back]!

    AND YAY embracing 30! I'm so glad you feel that way, your 30s are going to rock! :)!

  2. Happy, happy birthday lady!! Have a great weekend. Love you tons:)

  3. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Hope 30 is your best year yet:) It definitely will be off to a great start with a romantic trip to NYC. Have so much fun, and safe travels!:)

  4. Happy Birthday! Found your blog via The Newly & I'm excited to be your newest follower! Have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  5. Yay! Happy early birthday! Hope you have a blast in the city this weekend! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. Hey jenn happy Friday and love your letters! Yay for the snow day and your birthday trip! Mg is such a good guy to plan it for you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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