Hollywood Gossip

So, lots of stuff has been going on in the news and in Hollywood lately and I wanted to see if  you all were hearing the same things that I was?

1-the biggest news...(I think, anyway)
Emma Watson is rumored to be cast as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Gray. As of yesterday, though, I saw a report that says she is claiming that she is NOT being cast in this role.
What do you think? Is she or isn't she? If she is, would be be a good Anastasia?
I have a hard time picturing her going from a cute witch, Hermione, to being tied up and well, you know... as Anastasia. Maybe it's just me tho.

2-Miley and Liam
Are they still together/engaged? Lots and lots of rumors that these two haven't been seen together in a long time, and even at a recent event, they did not attend together. My Us Weekly has had articles on this the last two weeks, with "sources" saying that the two are on the outs. What do you think? Together, not together?

3-Lil Wayne
He didn't die, but apparently TMZ jumped the gun and reported that he was on his death bed and had his last rites read to him. How do you get that SO wrong?
Although he's still alive, Mr. Wayne might be headed to rehab for his Sizzurp addiction!

Whaaaaa? I was just hearing a month or so ago that they were probably getting engaged and now these two are broken up?? They've been together for over 2 years (seriously, Ryan, you're 38...what the heck were you waiting for), and apparently are splitting because of busy schedules. Lame. I hate this excuse. If you want to make something work, you make it work. Busy schedules my hiney.

I still have a hard time liking these two, and it's been a LONG time since the infamous After the Final Rose where Jason ended things with Melissa and then turned around and got back with Molly. But, it seems like they are actually happy, and they welcomed a new baby girl into the world, so maybe I'll get over myself and be happy for them. Just maybe.

What have you heard going on in Hollywood?? Anything good that I'm missing out on? Fill me in!!


  1. So, I've heard all this stuff this past week too...And I'm like you - I just can't picture Emma Watson as Anastasia. I think it would be better to put someone unknown into that role. Or someone who's played some 'darker' parts than a Harry Potter witch, lol! I don't blame Liam for splitting from Miley (if it's true). That girl's a hot mess - and not in a good way. She needs to get it together and fix her hair! I like pixie cuts, but hers is just too short and doesn't fit her face. I really just think they are both too young/immature to make a marriage commitment. And finally - Julianne and Ryan. So sad!!! How he let that girl get away is beyond me. My husband swears that Seacrest is gay, so maybe now he'll finally come out of the closet, lol! Thanks for letting me indulge in my snarky, gossipy side with you today!:)

  2. Oh hollywood, so crazy!

    did you hear about LILO?!?! back to rehab!

  3. Emma Watson?? She still looks like a child. That's creepy. And I was pretty sad about Ryan and Julianne. They were cute together. But I guess that's what happens when your relationship isn't made a priority...

  4. i love emma watson as a nice sweet girl not as Ana. that's just like child porn. Yes i realize she's well past 18 years old but still.

  5. I like Emma Watson, but no she is not meant for that role at all.....
    Lil' Wayne..seriously stop drinking cough syrup haha. Miley and Liam, I have been wondering the same thing! haha!
    I am curious how they are going to do the 50 shades of grey series, I feel like it would be porn? maybe I'm wrong, loved the books, but I can't imagine the movie haha!

  6. Haha I can't comment on any of these...I don't even know who some of them are. I like living under a rock, I guess ;)


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