Busy/Fun Weekend

It's Monday and we don't have kids today, but for some reason, we weren't allowed to work from home. So I drove in to work today, to sit in front of my computer, and do progress reports all day. I could just as easily have done this from the comfort of my home, in my sweats, without wasting gas/time to drive in, all with the Today show in the background. But....I'm not bitter....(riiiiiight).

Anyway, this weekend was an absolute blast! I feel like I still need some extra sleep to recover from it all!

Friday night we went out to celebrate P!nky turning the big 3-0 (happy actual birthday today, girl!). We went to a dueling piano bar in National Harbor to celebrate and it was a LOT of fun. Great music, tons of fun people, and this ball of cuteness:

I also got to see her sisters--it's been WAY too long since I've seen them, and meet P!nky's parents (oh em gee, her parents are ADORABLE!!!!)

MG and I had a fab time, and even got a facebook profile-worthy photo that night!

All in all, good time!

Saturday Cooper woke me up whimpering to go out at 7:45, so I did that, and then motivated myself to FINALLY get my emissions inspection done on my car. When I got back MG said he wanted to go to the driving range to try out his new clubs so I took that opportunity to get a much needed pedicure! Came home and decided to clean out our hall closet of my shoes and donated 7 pairs!!! And then did a little more cleaning of our regular closet and got rid of about 8 shirts, too. And that was all before noon!

MG's friend and his new wife were nearby at the dog park so they stopped by so that we could all meet, and our dogs played a bit. Then we had to get ready to go to an engagement party for MG's friend. I took this opportunity to rock my new chevron dress and wedges, and it was a hit! I felt super cute (thanks Genna for helping me find that belt!!)
I'm slouching a little in the pic cuz my wedges made me a teeny bit taller than MG haha
We had a drama-free night of fun! It's been a bit since we saw MG's group of friends between my bday up in NY and going to PR and then Philly, we haven't been around much, so it was great to see everyone.

And then yesterday was errands, took Coop for a long walk since the weather was to die for this weekend, and chilled at home. I also decided to order the Kindle paperwhite. My Kindle was doing something funny with this book I'm reading, where parts of the page, or a couple of lines of text are missing. Anyone have this happen to them? It's happened 3 times in the book I'm reading. And THAT got me to buy the Paperwhite (even tho it probably has nothing to do with my device) haha. I'm looking forward to it coming on Wednesday!
And now, I'm off to do progress reports in my window-less office. Wah.
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  1. weeeeeeeeee for a fun birthday celebration this weekend AND YAY it's my birday!

    I had a great time with you and MG on Friday, thank you so much for coming out.

    Hoooray for drama free fun with drama friends ;)!


  2. Love the dress & your new FB picture. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend!

  3. Loving the chevron dress and the cute top you rocked for P!nky's birthday - you looked super cute:) Glad to hear that you all had a fun evening out, no drama included!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Cute dress!!


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