WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

It's another Wednesday, so let's link up with Michelle and Jamie, shall we?

I'm loving that it's FINALLY warmer in the DC area. Given, at this point, it feels like we skipped Spring entirely and jumped right into Summer, but the temps are supposed to be more Spring-like soon! I get to wear flip flops, so I'm ok with it!

I'm loving that my allergies are getting slightly more under control, despite the sky high pollen counts. I love love love this weather....I just hate the sneezies, sniffles and itchy eyes that accompany it!

I'm loving that MG and I had a great weekend up in PA with his family. Love spending time with all of them, and absolutely adore how supportive they all are of us.

I'm loving driving to work in the mornings with my sunroof open...and not having to worry about getting frost bite :)

I'm loving that tv shows are coming back and being more regular. For a while there it seemed like there were a few weeks where there was nothing on (other than my Bravo shows...yay Bravo!), or it would be on one week and then off for two weeks. I like consistency! :)

I'm loving that I get to celebrate my good buddy, Pinky, turning 30 this weekend! Should be tons of drama-free fun--just the way I like it!

I'm loving that I FINALLY got the MailApp for gmail, after waiting over 2 weeks for the stupid thing to download. So far, I'm liking it...just finding it totally weird to see nothing in my Inbox when I'm on gmail.

I'm loving not needing the heat or the air conditioning to run in our condo, and sleeping under a fan going at full speed. Heaven!

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest and all of its goodness!

This week I've been pinning...
I LOVE this skirt. It screams "Spring" and "Summer" and I really want it!
Strawberry Spinach Salad with Feta and Almonds
Oh hello, delicious looking salad...why don't you hop on into my lunch bag?
I totally need something like this for my ever-growing collection of bracelets
heheh...I love a good pun :)
I hate it when that happens!!
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Happy Wednesday!!


  1. I love, love, love the dress in the first pin. It is so beautiful.

  2. That strawberry salad looks yummy - perfect for this warmer weather! And yay for the return of our tv shows. I only have a couple that I like to watch every week, so I am always super bummed when they go on hiatus (though you are SO right - we can always count on Bravo!) Happy Wednesday!:)

  3. driving with a sunroof down sounds dreamy! happy wednesday :)

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpert As You May

  4. I am loving that skirt as well! and the salad....delish!
    Stop by some time http://styledlikearockstar.blogspot.com

  5. Strawberry spinach salad looks delicious! I've had it before but never with feta cheese! Have a good Wednesday!

  6. YAY for birthday fun on Friday, it should be a good time.

    The salad looks really good!

    YOu totally should do the DIY jewelry holder.

  7. i'm loving the warm weather too! except i need to bust out the body glide - my thighs are rubbing together! :)

  8. HI! I'm coming over from a comment you left on my blog earlier today!! I'm from VA too and have 2 mini poodles! I love these pins! The raisins as chocolates chips is SO true! Drives me crazy!

  9. Spring spring spring! So excited! And amen to the last one. Raisins - eww.

  10. I'm totally with you on tv shows coming back...I've been having withdrawals these past few weeks. Also, that salad looks amazing!


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