Blog Every Day in May {Day 29}

Day 29, Wednesday: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post

(1) Bless the Broken Road

I've always been drawn to this song. It encompasses everything that I believe about "everything happens for a reason." I also remember that this song came on at the first wedding MG and I went to together, very early on in our relationship, and it hit home-- I knew that I had met someone special. And it's continued to ring true to this day. 

(2) Going Back to Cali

Every time I hear this song I can't help but dance to it, sing it, or workout to it. I also remember a time I was riding in the car with my friend Bree. She was dropping me off at my apartment, it was warm out so we had the windows down, and this song came on as we got close to my apartment. And we drove right on past my apartment and kept driving around the neighborhood until the song was over, belting the lyrics out the window! haha

(3) Lean on Me

In 2nd grade, early 90's, my teacher taught us how to do Sign Language to several songs and we would perform them with a 5th grade class at assemblies and such. I LOVED this song. I learned the words/signs to this song. I was SO excited to perform this song.
And then Alan Fann got chicken pocks.
And then I got chicken pocks.
And then I missed the performance. And I was heart broken.
I think of it every time I hear this song. And I still remember some of the signs. At least I think I do....but then again, maybe I'm cussing in sign language and have no idea.

(4) Joy To the World

I will forever associate Three Dog Night, and this song specifically, to riding in the car running errands with my mom when I was growing up. For some reason we enjoyed singing this song together, and I smile every time I hear it thinking about it. I can even picture the front of the case for this album, too.

(5)- Say Hey (I Love You)

I just love how upbeat and happy this song is. I bop around when it comes on, it makes me smile, and I just can't help but be happy when I hear it.
What's not to like about that?? :)

Honorable mention: MmmBop

You might be wondering what the hell I'm thinking, but there's a really funny story behind this one. In college, a friend of mine who horribly disliked his freshman year roommate, somehow rigged that guy's computer to play this song, in its entirety, every time he opened ANYTHING on his computer.
Needless to say, in order to solve the problem, that guy had to listen to this song MORE times than any one person ever should have to. Best prank ever. 
(This same kid who got pranked also peed on his own keyboard one night. Punk'd himself I guess.)


  1. Great list, I love God bless the broken road too, one of my all time favorite songs.


  2. MMM Bop!!!!! Loved that! When my boys were little, Hanson was BIG. I bought this CD and we jammed all the time to this. :)

  3. Too funny ... I just showed my boyfriend this version of Lean on Me. Can you believe that he had no idea as to what it was?! Ridiculous!

  4. I love all your pics but i'm partial to Hanson.

  5. I cracked up at MMMBop! Funny story: I went to a music festival a few years ago and Hanson performed (weird I know) and they performed this! I re-lived my childhood hearing it live. I also love God Bless The Broken Road - one of the greatest Rascal Flatts songs.


  6. jgdhjashjghjhaA MmmBop reminds me of my childhood :D Love it!

  7. Ah Michael Franti! I saw him live in New Mexico, and ever since could not get enough of him. His music makes the world a brighter place. :)

  8. I am loving all the music choices todays.
    MMMMBop made me laugh!! My best friend had the biggest crush on them (i think she still does!)

  9. This was an awesome list! Thanks for sharing lol Hanson

  10. Found your blog through the link up! I just love the music you chose, especially the Hanson brothers! How many of us looked like on of them at some point through our awkward stages of life?

  11. i love the MmmBop song, it painted my 1998 summer bright orange and I still love it :)


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