Jump Jump!

Can we all just take a second a reminisce about something? A little throwback if you will.

A little Kris. 

And a little Kross.

And maybe a little jump...jump!

R.I.P. Mac Daddy.

Loved this song. STILL love this song.

So funny that people actually used to wear their clothes backwards cuz of these guys.

(And yes, this song will probably be stuck in your head the rest of the day. You're welcome ;)


  1. I heard that early this morning, super sad it was a drug overdose :(

  2. I heard the news this morning too, and it made me both sad and nostalgic for the good ol' 90's. I remember listening to this song in P.E. while in elementary school! Though I never wore my clothes backwards - on purpose at least - I do remember loving me some Kris Kross. So sad:(


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