Blog Every Day in May

I've seen this blog idea all over the blog world, and thought it would be fun to participate. Even if it's a day late. Sue me!

So, now I'll be making up for yesterday's post, and doing today's post too. Can you handle all of that? I sure hope so!

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less

I was born in Maryland in the early 80's and today my parents still live in that same house I grew up in. I was such a perfect baby that they stopped after me (at least that's what I tell myself anyway). I was kind of a tom boy (mainly because I lived on a street with a lot of boys) when I was a kid, playing in creeks and woods, riding bikes, etc. In high school I joined the volleyball team, had my first serious boyfriend (6 years), and made my way to University of Maryland (go terps!) where I had 4 great years making friends and enjoying the college life. After college, I went to GW University in DC to get my Masters in Speech Pathology which eventually brought me to my current job in the school system working with kiddos, and living in Virginia. Over the years I learned a lot about myself through all of life's experiences in the "real world," some tough break ups, etc. One of those relationships got me my cuddly, super friendly and lovable pup, Cooper, who is the wiggly light of my life.  And the rest fell into place when I joined one day and met the guy of my dreams. We live together and I finally understand why everything else didn't work out before. I’m at a job that I enjoy, with a guy I love, my parents close by, and my special pup. Looking forward to all of the happy things to come, but enjoying the good stuff happening right now!
(263....not bad)

Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at

You mean other than spending endless hours on Pinterest? :)  Hmmm....

I think the thing that I'm good at, and that I take pride in, is caring about other people. Sometimes this backfires on me, in that people sometimes take advantage of the fact that I'm forgiving, but overall I think it has helped me in my relationships (friends, boyfriends, etc) to be able to put myself in someone else's shoes and try to see their perspective. It's been a valuable tool in my work life as well.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if I should have been a psychologist or psychiatrist/therapist. I love listening to other people's stories and lives, and trying to provide insight or other perspectives on things. 

I think that's also why I like the blog world so much--it gives an opportunity to meet, connect with, and learn about other people, and I find that pretty cool and fascinating.

How's that for a start? :)


  1. So nice to read your little bio there! Excited for the rest of the month!

  2. Hey! I am so excited to find you doing this! I started today too! (A day late as well!) I'm counting on you to keep me posted on what days are what! Thanks for sharing!

  3. this seems like it's going to be a lot of work! but i can't wait to read what you have planned!

  4. Haha I know you are good at Pinterest! I love your story...You guys are so cute, and I love that y'all met on They should put y'all in a commercial.


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