I Confess...

It's been over a month since I've done a confession, so I figured, why not throw one out there?

I confess that....

.....I'm a million kinds of excited that today, MG and I are going back to the venue we went to last Friday to have a tasting to make sure that the food is yummy and that this is the place that we want! Contract time???

.....it ticks me off when people can't share happiness with others, and instead try to rob them of it, because they are selfish. Buttheads.

.....I might need to get my engagement ring sized down a smidge. But, I haven't gone in because I don't want to give it up. (Yes, you can totally rolls your eyes at me here. I'm aware at how ridiculous that sounds. And, I'm completely ok with it :)

....I'm slightly regretting signing up to work summer school. I just found out that we're required to do some extra training that will cut into my end of the year time at my school (with my coworkers, time to clean/pack up my office, etc). Annoying.

.....even though I wish I wasn't working summer school, that extra money will go a long way towards paying for our wedding. So, I'll suck it up, rather than sit at home on my butt doing nothing all summer (even though I'd MUCH rather be doing that). Feel sorry for me. :)

.....I'm nervous I'm not going to get my office packed up in the next week, and get everything together in time for the last day of school and my check out with my supervisor. I know it'll all get done eventually, but I'm stressing a bit now that it's winding down!

.....I just realized that in exactly a week I'll be going to the Package Tour with my friend/coworker. I'll be jamming to some of my old school songs from Boyz II Men, 98 degrees and NKOTB. Can. Not. Wait. #throwback  

.....I'm glad it's Friday! I need some pool time this weekend and some relaxation!

Happy Friday!!


  1. lol I love your confession about your ring! I would be the same way :) And I am in the summer school boat with you!

  2. I completely agree about the ring. I was the same!
    YAY for the venue - good luck!!

  3. Haha-- I never got my ring re-sized either since I didn't want to be separated from it for so long! But it worked out bc my fingers swell in heat, so it would've been too small come summer. Lol. Good luck with your venue meeting!! :)

  4. So jealous that you're going to see that concert. Boyz II Men was my first concert I ever went to and I would love to see them again! Don't let unhappy people rain on your parade! :)

  5. I'm surprised you're going to work summer school! I was about to put on my envious hat for you (for having summers off) but I'm taking that ish off. Plus kids are extra stinky in the summer.


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