Weekend Update

It's time for another Monday. Drat! But, this is the second to last Monday of the school year for me, so that's something to celebrate!! Unfortunately today was supposed to be our school's Field Day, but since it's raining out, it's all been cancelled. Boo!

Anyway, I thought I'd fill you in on the weekend since some BIG things came together!

Friday MG and I went back to the Marriott that we had seen the previous Friday to do a "tasting" just to see if we liked the food (aka, to see if it was edible) haha. We arrived right after work, sat and chatted with our sales chick (who is super awesome), and she answered some lingering questions we had, and then we went into the dining room where the head chef came out to talk to us, and then we were allowed to order anything on the menu!

We had been deciding between three dishes for our two entrees so they just brought us all three, along with salads and a bottle of wine. For dessert, we had a yummy pineapple upside-down cake that had a topping that was similar to creme brule, followed by chocolate covered strawberries and coffee. It was HEAVENLY!
And today, we will get the contract for our venue! SOOOO excited!!

Saturday I took Cooper to get groomed, and the woman basically sheared him down to the skin, but left a big poof on his head. Aka, Cooper looks like a dork. I still love him, but this is not his finest haircut of his life, that's for sure.
This picture doesn't even do the awkward haircut justice...
I had lunch with an old roommate/friend of mine and we shared engagement excitement (she is getting married in October), wedding planning stories and caught up in general. Super fun and yummy lunch! Which was followed up by several hours at the pool with MG, before going out to dinner with a couple friend of ours who wanted to take us out for our engagement. They happened to choose the place that MG and I went for our first date (total coincidence), which was really fun and felt kind of "full circle"

Sunday we ran some errands, and then went to see the new Star Trek movie. It was REALLY good. We saw it in 3D since that was the only option for the time we could go, and it was worth it! Really enjoyed it, and I'd recommend it if you like action movies.

After that we went to dinner with my parents and my dad got to see my ring for the first time since the engagement. We had dinner at the same place that MG had had lunch with my dad to ask his permission to marry me. It was nice to spend some quality time with my parents, and my fiance (still feels weird to say that haha).

The rest of the night consisted of some reading and Game of Thrones season finale and sleep! And here we are today! Rainy rainy Monday. Boo!

Today will be spent packing up my office as much as possible, and then a trip to the dentist (fingers crossed no cavities!!) Nothing but fun over here! *note: sarcasm!*
Have a good start to the week!!

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  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! And yay for booking the venue!

  2. Productive weekend lady! Sounds like the celebrations are rolling in! Yay!

    Also, regarding Game of Thrones: All I have to say is KHALEESI FOREVER.


  3. Busy busy weekend! I am salivating at that food, it all looks delicious!

  4. All of that food looks so yummy - it must have been hard to narrow down your choices! Yay for wedding planning progress:) So exciting!!!

  5. That food looks so good!! Sounds like a fun and full weekend!

  6. Woohoo fun weekend!

    Awww coopie looks soooo cute!


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