Product Review: Cardstore

Have you heard of Cardstore before? 
I hadn't until I was contacted by them to try out their fun site where you can make and personalize your own cards!
I took the opportunity to make a card for MG, just letting him know how special he is to me and how happy I am to be starting our future together.

You can choose from a variety of cards including ones that are pre-made, or ones that you customize yourself. 
I chose to do a photo card, and I was able to customize pretty much everything about it, including the amount of pictures on each part of the card, what was written in it, as well as the text font and colors.
(don't mind the blurry quality, that was my camera phone, not the site)
This shows all of the pictures I was able to add to the front of the card, and I was able to customize the
message and the font color.
I was able to choose what the inside of the card looked like, as well
The whole process was actually really easy, creative and fun. The site gives you plenty of opportunities to look over what you've made, and edit as needed. And the rest is super simple!

What I really liked about the site was that the price of the card, with shipping, was about the same as buying a card in the store! And they will either deliver the card to you, or send it directly to the recipient. I thought it was really fun to be able to personalize the card with pictures and my own words!

Here is the final product when I received it:

It only took 2-3 days to get to me, too (despite the 7 days the site had projected)!

If you're in the mood to send a card, make your own card, or just send someone something that has a personal touch, I would definitely take a look at Cardstore since they have tons of options for you! I will definitely be using them again for some creative cards!


  1. Woohoo for fun cards :)! Great job!

  2. This is awesome!!
    P.S. I would love for you to join in on tomorrows What I Wore Wednesday link up! stop by the blog to check out the easy rules! Hope to see you there!

  3. I just got a chance to do this too! I was happy with it, and like you said- surprised that price is really the same as what you'd spend in a store!

  4. Love this! Sometimes, I just can't find a card that says exactly what I want it to, or that says what I want it to and looks how I want it to. So this site would be perfect for making it look and say just what I want:)


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