Weekend Recap

Hey party people!
How's the weather where you are, cuz it's rainy and gross in the DC area. Blah! Not to mention it took me double the normal amount of time to get to work today because something was up with traffic (I'm still not sure what). Double boo!

But, let's talk about this weekend, shall we? 
It was slightly less eventful than last weekend (you know, getting engaged and all) but still a lot of fun!

Friday MG and I went to go look at a wedding venue (we have a date in mind and want to make sure we can jump on it). Annnnnd, we LOVED it! It might be the one!! We're still gonna look at a few more, but this place had everything we could want, was within our budget, and we don't feel like we're sacrificing anything.
 In. Love. 

That night we went out with a few couple friends of ours and got to share our excitement with them, and then Saturday night we had dinner with a new couple,--I met the girl through bookclub--which was a lot of fun (and I needed it after getting some not-so-pleasant news about someone wanting us to change our wedding date because it's "too close" to theirs....it's 3 weeks difference, btw). Then we met up with MG's big group of friends since a few people were in town for a bridal shower on Sunday. It was nice to see everyone (and get to share my ring and engagement story over and over...it never gets old!)...but we were pretty tired from the night before so we headed home around midnight.

Sunday MG and I did some cleaning, and then I headed to that bridal shower for one of our friends who is getting married in July. It was really nice, very intimate and fun. I came home and MG and I ordered pizza for dinner, face timed with one of MG's best friends and his wife, asked them if their little 3 year old cutie of a son would be our ring bearer (they said yes!!), and then we watched Game of Thrones which was an Oh-My-Goodness episode! The Red Wedding. Wow! I feel like I'm traumatized.

And now, it's another Monday. Only two more to go after this one and then it's the end of the school year!
What'd you do this weekend?
I'm off to get through today, head to my end of the year speech luncheon....and try not to let that wedding "request" rub me the wrong way...too much, anyway.

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend minus the stupid people!


  2. The venue was the hardest part of the wedding planning process, so yay for you finding something so quick!! Hope it works out! :)

  3. Someone's always got to make other people's special times about them - 3 weeks is far enough apart that the dates shouldn't be a big deal! That person can just get over it! Glad that didn't spoil your weekend - I know getting to share your joy (and your beautiful sparkler) with your friends must have been so fun:) Enjoy this time, Jenn! It's one of the sweetest times in life!!!

  4. Ooh how exciting, I just wrote a post today about the hunt for a wedding venue. Shame about the people wanting to stomp all over your plans,sometimes weddings bring out the worst in people - which sucks!

  5. Yay for finding a potential venue!! So exciting! But that's kinda annoying about the person that wants you to move your wedding date. I really don't see how 3 weeks is that big of a deal!!


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