Blog Every Day in May {Day 31}: Proposal Story!

Day 31, Friday: A vivid memory

Well, this memory is a recent one, but it is VERY vivid in my mind.

The day that MG proposed to me!
We were staying in Philly for the night, under the premise that he had a free night's stay from for all of his work travels so we stayed at the Hotel Monaco on Saturday with plans to go to dinner that night. It was a windy day, but it wasn't raining like it had said in the forecast so we walked around the city during the day, did some shopping, had some cheese steaks, went to Penn's Landing market, South Street, etc. After several hours, we headed back to the hotel to relax and get ready for dinner and a wine happy hour that our hotel had at 5.

Around 5:30 we went to the hotel lobby and had a glass of wine (or two), then left to head to the restaurant. MG said that we should walk up the street a bit to hail a cab and I asked if the front door men could do it, but he said this would be easier to hail a cab going in the right direction. I thought nothing of it.

So we walk out of the hotel, towards the lawn in front of Independence Hall, and as we're walking across the grassy area, MG says we should get a picture. Being the photo-lover that I am, I  eagerly say "ok" and start reaching in my purse for my camera. And then I turned around because MG stopped walking.

And there was something shiny in his hand, coming out of his pocket.
He said a lot of nice things, including how it would make him the happiest man alive, got down on one knee...and then used my full name, and asked me,

"Will you marry me?"

I am crying, saying over and over again, "Shut up! Shut up!"
 Once I got over my shock, I said "yes" and he put this gorgeous ring on my finger.
We kissed and hugged...a bunch!

And then I stopped a random person, said we had just gotten engaged, and asked if he would take our picture (not knowing what had been captured above)
Then I called my dad and my mom, and my best friend. My dad informed me that he knew, because MG had had lunch with him earlier that week! (sneaky devil!)

So eventually, MG tells me that we're not really going to dinner at the place I thought we were going to, and that we needed to head back towards the hotel. We did, and waiting outside for us was a limo!

We get in, and the driver says he can drive us around for as long as we need. So we are both having champagne, calling friends and family, excited.

And after a bit, I'm on the phone with MG's sister talking about everything as we're pulling down a small street.
And then I see MG's nephew in the street. I hang up on MG's sister because I realize that his family and family friends are there!

We get out of the limo, get hugs, and then I see my mom standing there. I was SO surprised! (and proceeded to start crying again...)

And eventually after the swarm of hugs and excitement I was introduced to a guy who says, "I was the guy under the tree, and I took pictures of the whole thing!" (he was MG's dad's best friend) So we have pictures of every moment of the proposal, and a video of the limo pulling up outside of the restaurant, and it's amazing. He played the pictures for us at dinner and I cried all over again!

We had dinner and celebrated with everyone and the whole night is a total blur of happiness and excitement.

After dinner and all of the celebrating, MG's parents and my mom drove us back to our hotel, where I told the doorman that we had just gotten engaged so he took us to the lobby bar and bought us each a drink. We sat in our haze of happiness and talked about our plans and ideas....

I couldn't have asked for anything better!  If I had known for 100% certainty that he was going to propose that weekend (I didn't), I never would have guessed HOW he did it or the surprises he had in store for me throughout. 

I know MG said that he is lucky to have me, but I know I'm just as lucky and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

Oh, and I guess I should also say, Thanks,! ;)

Oh my goodness, we made it! What a fun trip this has been! A huge round of applause to Jenni for setting this great idea up! And for getting us all to venture out a bit more :)


  1. Wow!!! Amazing!! Seriously, what a beautiful proposal and so thoughtful to have everyone there with you:) I'm so ridiculously happy for you!! Congrats! Love you. You deserve this.

  2. Oh, and you don't have to publish this, but I was given advice that I never followed and now REALLY wish I had when I got engaged. You and MG should write down exactly how you feel right now about each other and why you've decided to get married. Keep it someplace you will both be able to access easily in years to come. It will be fun to read when you watch your wedding video/pics, engagement video/pics, and honestly, it reminds you why you decided to spend your life together when things get tough at times. You probably have it all written down here, but MG may not. Anyway, oh, and I wish Aaron had written down his proposal bc he got too emotional and didn't say everything he planned on bc he didn't want to start crying. So, write down what he said!!! You'll love to be able to look back on these things. Oh, and one more (don't hate me!). Remember as you plan the wedding, it will be beautiful, everything will work out and the marriage is what's most important, not the wedding, so don't sweat the small stuff:) Love you. Hope you don't hate me now for writing all of that:)

  3. Awwww yay! What a great engagement story! So glad you were surprised and so happy you were able to celebrate with those dear to you.

    I had fun reading even though I already knew the story! :)

    Hoooray mrstobe!

  4. Aww what an amazing proposal story! I LOVE that you have the moment captured on camera, that's going to be so great to look back on in years to come :)

  5. Such an amazing proposal and having it all on record with such special photos is even more amazing! Wishing you loads of happiness together and hope the wedding plans go really well.


  6. What a great story! How awesome that you have it all on camera! Congrats again! :-)

  7. That is AMAZING!!! Your Fiance thought of everything! If I get engaged one day, I really want someone to be there (without me knowing) to take pictures because I feel it will all be a blur because of all the excitement!

  8. Awww this is so awesome!! Congrats again girly!

  9. Ekk, I love this story Jenn. I also love how you said he got on one knee and used your full name. As a kid I always watched the romance movies and would hope that would happen.

  10. Omggggggggg!! What a wonderful story! He did SUCH a great job!! Eeeeeeekkkk!! :)

  11. Oh my gosh, I am seriously tearing up at how sweet this all is. I'm so happy for you love! Congratulations :)

  12. This is seriously the sweetest, most thoughtful proposal story ever! MG did a GREAT job. I love that he kept the proposal private with just the two of you, but had your families on hand to celebrate with you afterwards. So fun!!! Congrats again, Jenn! I can't wait to follow along on your wedding planning journey with you now:)

  13. What a beautiful proposal and great to get it all captured on film. Very romantic in such a nice city. Kim

  14. What a great day! And I love how you wrote about all of your happy-crying, it's the best kind! When I read that your mom surprised you I almost teared up as well!

  15. Stumbled across you on the last day of our challenge! I got engaged Memorial Day weekend two years ago! Congratulations!! The photos are amazing :)

  16. What a sweet proposal. So much thought and effort in it! MG did a great job! Love your ring!

  17. Yay! Love it love it love it!! You guys are such a cute couple! Whoo hoo! (and yes, i'm waaaay late on posting... LOL)

  18. So wonderful! The surprises are so so sweet! Enjoy every second of this crazy time!

  19. I'm finally catching up on all my fav blogs!!!!! Ahhhh!! This is so beautiful and exciting!!!! Congrats!!

  20. Ah! I know I'm way behind, but love this story! So many fun surprises :) Congrats again!!

  21. OH GEEZE! I'm in tears and it couldn't have been more perfect! So, so happy for you, and just...YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!


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