Will You Be My....?

As you all know, the trend in asking your lady friends to be in your wedding party is to do something creative and/or cute.

I wanted to find something cute to buy or make, and after looking for a long time, I found a great Etsy site, My Swedish Farmhouse, that had really cute wooden ornaments that are painted in a color of your choosing (I chose purple, since that's the main color in our wedding), and personalized with each person's name and their "role."

They were too cute to pass up (and, win for me, I didn't have to make them myself!)

When they arrived, I was SO excited to get them into cards, envelopes and in the mail, because, let's be real, it was KILLING me not being to say anything to the girls! (I caved the week after I got engaged and asked my best bud if she would be my Maid of Honor, but I was still sending hers to her.)

The ornaments came packed super nicely so they wouldn't get damaged, each dress had it's own bag and was tied with a cute twine bow:

And this is what they looked like outside of the packages:

I loved the little "pearl" details and the pretty purple ribbons on each dress.
So cute!!
And now you know the lineup of my ladies!

I had bought cute purple cards with matching envelopes earlier that weekend in anticipation of the ornaments arriving (so that I could send them out ASAP and finally let my secrets out!!)
Unfortunately the dresses were JUST slightly too big to fit in the cards I got and therefore the envelope. So, I got creative:

I re-wrapped each card in the plastic bag they came in, placed them in bigger envelopes (that weren't as cute as the original purple ones--boo) and mailed them on their merry way!

I thought they would be super cute for everyone to have when we're getting ready, hanging from their dress hangers. Photo op, anyone?? :)

What are some cute ideas you've done, seen, or want to do?

*stay tuned tomorrow to see how these cute little ornaments sparked drama with MG's friend*


  1. Cute! I thought you made thses yourself!

  2. This is adorable!!! Too cute

  3. Adorable! I'm sure your bridesmaids loved receiving these. So creative and thoughtful!:)

  4. So stinkin' cute! Also, the drama on the post about the two weddings being close together is ridonkulous!!


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