My Weekend

WOW! This weekend FLEW by, but it was jam packed with friends and fun, so I can't complain too much.

Well, I can a little because I'm at a training today (so that I can train my other speech people when school starts). It stinks to use up one of my last few days off at a training, but....oh well! Let's get back to the fun stuff!

Friday night MG and I had plans to meet up with my friend Emily who I had worked with at the school in DC, and her husband. We met up at 15Ria in DC which is a hotel restaurant. The place had a really cool ambiance, but the service and the food were just ok.

It was great to see Emily and her hubby, and to catch up on everything. We hadn't seen them since our engagement so they brought us this cute little gift:
I love it!
We had a great time catching up, and the night flew by far too quickly!

Saturday morning MG went to play golf with his buddies and I watched Bravo took care of some things around our place. We had plans to hang out with our newly married friend couple, and another couple that we'd met through them. We were supposed to head into DC for dinner but after our friend left their apartment without his key and wallet, we got a little delayed and lost our dinner reservation.

After making our cab driver wait a long time for it to get all sorted out, we went to Cafe Asia by us instead and all gorged ourselves on Pad Thai (SO yum!) and then took advantage of the super beautiful weather that night, and had drinks at a rooftop bar.
After spending some time out, the girls decided that we wanted to dance, so we found a place nearby and danced our hineys off. It was so much fun! After dancing so much we were sweaty messes, we eventually called it a night and headed home.

Sunday we ran some errands, grabbed some lunch and then met up with the DJ we've been thinking of working with for our wedding. We really liked him, and I think we're gonna go with it! Another box checked off!!

MG and I have gotten into the show The Newsroom on HBO and we're really enjoying it. So, the rest of Sunday was spent watching some episodes of that and getting dinner at Chipotle. A perfect end to an absolutely super fun weekend!

And now, I'm off to my training! Have a good Monday!!

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  1. Love that you all went dancing! So much fun - haven't done that since college:) Also, I've been hearing a lot about The Newsroom. Thinking maybe I should try it out...I'm in need of a few good shows to watch!

  2. sounds like a great time! I love the drink thingys. can't think of what they are called right now.

  3. Sounds like a super fun weekend! Love the koozies!

  4. What a fun weekend! Rooftop drinks after Thai? Now that is a good night.

  5. OMG! I love those coozies! SO CUTE! :)

  6. Fun weekend! super cute gift.

  7. New follower via Life of Meg - Monday Mingle. Love your blog design, so cute!

  8. I'm a new follower via Life of Meg as well...and I am LOVING your blog! :) My sister is also a SLP, how cool :) I'm SO looking forward to reading more and following along! :) You are gorgeous, by the way :)


  9. SUch a cute gift. Sounds like a great weekend!


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