Vacay Recap

I'm finally getting myself and my act together so that I could give you guys a recap of the week that MG and I took off and headed up to PA.

Yes I know my shirt looks more green next to all of the yellow. Alone, it
was more of a highlighter yellow color....I just told them it's cuz I'm not
"officially" part of the family yet :)
We left on Friday after traffic so that we could be in PA early enough to make it to the family reunion that was happening the next day. On Saturday, we drove out to a country club where I got to meet a lot of MG's dad's family who I hadn't met yet which was cool. Every "branch" of the family wore a different color--we were yellow--so that you could see who was from which "branch." We had lunch, chatted, and then they had little giveaways from a drawing (although, in truth, I think everyone 'won' something). It was a really nice time. Unfortunately we had to leave a little bit early since we all had to get home and then back out to New Jersey for MG's sister, A's charity fund raiser that she had organized that was that evening.

It was a Beef and Beer event with comedians and gift baskets and then big ticket items that were raffled off. MG's dad bought us all a sheet of tickets (along with the ones we bought) and we went out to put our tickets in the baskets that we wanted.
Us with the nephew; maybe I didn't win anything because my dress matched the tablecloths...doh!
By the end of the night, everyone in MG's family had won something. Except for me. Womp womp. The one basket that I'd really wanted (a wine basket), and had put the majority of my tickets in, went to someone else. And then MG's dad, who has more luck than anyone I've ever met before, won 3 or 4 out of the 5 big ticket items (Flyers tickets, tickets to the Beyonce/Jay Z concert, and a beer fridge). I guess my luck was used up at the family reunion when I 'won' a scratch off ticket haha. Overall, it was a really nice night and we raised money for a great kid.

The next day I went to David's Bridal with MG's sisters and nieces so that they could see the two dresses that I'd liked from my dress appointment the week before since they couldn't be there. I couldn't show them THE dress because it wasn't at David's and most bridal boutiques were closed on Sunday, but at least they got to see the 2 dresses that lead me up to "the one". And then I got to see them try on bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, just to get an idea of the styles that looked good. We had dinner together and then A took her girls and headed back to NJ. MG's other sister, L, MG's mom, me and two nieces went to TJMaxx to do a little shopping and then we became super heroes:

Monday we left for the lake in Eagles Mere, PA. MG and I took L's two girls up with us (she was going to meet us later in the week), and MG's parents and other sister A headed up with her family from Jersey. The weather and the drive were really pretty. When we got there, it was pretty crowded because apparently it was "Sports Week" there. So, I guess it's the one week all of the locals come up so kids (and some adults) can participate in the events.

Tuesday we headed to the lake but it was pretty chilly and windy so I was in my bathing suit for a grand total of about 15-20 minutes. The rest of the time I covered up and fought goose bumps.

Left: Right: Watching the Bachelorette finale;
doing a puzzle of a lake when you cant go to the lake;
Cooper passed out on a stuffed animal :)
And then Wednesday-Friday it rained. Boo! So we entertained ourselves with bike rides and walks when there were breaks in the downpour, inside games of charades with the kids, puzzles and tv(Bachelorette)/reading, and some fishing. We got A and MGs parents watching Downton Abbey, too :)
Cooper, who is used to sleeping the majority of the day, couldn't sleep with all of the people around, so when night time came, he typically conked out wherever he was sitting....  -->

All in all, it was a great trip, it just stinks that it was rainy the majority of the time so we really didn't get to enjoy the lake and everything that it had to offer.

We got back to DC on Saturday and took advantage of the sunshine here by hitting up the pool for a bit. Cooper took some time to catch up on the z's he missed while at the lake:
And now, we're back! 


  1. Yay for fun family vacation!

  2. Fun vacation! I can't wait till the wedding so I can see THE DRESS! I am dying over here :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Ah sounds like fun!
    Have a great weekend, lovely to have you back

  4. Y'all are TOO cute - love the color themed reunion! And um, could your future-father-in-law send some of his luck my way. I'd love to win the lottery. Or just win anything for that matter:)


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