5 on Friday

It's FINALLY Friday! I woke up yesterday thinking it was Friday, so today, naturally I woke up thinking it was Saturday. Cruel joke.

I wanted to link up for 5 on Friday--it's a fun way to sum up the week, and some of the stuff that's coming up, so let's get to it, shall we?

This weekend MG and I are making our way up to Philly/NJ. MG decided, last minute, that he was going to participate in the MS bike ride with his dad. This is no joke--it's 75 miles on a bike. Needless to say, I see some sore hineys in the near future! But, it's for a good cause, so go them!
This will also give me a chance to hang out with MG's family, go to the bridal salon with his sisters and help them pick out A's dress and my soon-to-be niece's dress styles. And then we'll be ordering everyone's bridesmaid dresses! Another check mark on the list! (Oh, how I love clicking the check mark on theknot.com's check list!) And, as crazy as this sounds, I'll actually get to SEE the dresses in person in the color we chose, rather than just in pictures. 

{2}-Save the Dates
They are designed and ordered! We decided to do magnets because they were cute, easy for people to keep without losing them, and inexpensive. (How many times can you say something is inexpensive while planning a wedding? Let me tell you: not very many.) And, I got free shipping (score!) I can't wait to get them back in a little over a week, and then send those bad boys out!

{3}-Fall Weather
I don't mind Fall, but I'm sad to say good bye to warm days. We still have those right now in DC, but the mornings start out so cold, it makes it hard to figure out what I want to wear for the day. I either dress for the warm afternoon and freeze my butt off in the morning, or I dress for the morning and sweat in the afternoon.
That pin pretty much sums it all up!

{4}-TV Overload
I know I complained when all of the tv shows had their season finales and went away until the Fall (now), because I had nothing to watch really but Bravo shows (which, is not really a bad thing, either), but now that the shows are ALL back, and ALL at once, I'm having a hard time keeping up with everything. And now that I'm writing this "out loud" I realize what a first world problem I'm having. And that maybe I should just shut up. Yeah. I'm gonna do that.

MG is so supportive. I had a dream the other night about possibly writing a book (I won't get into details cuz I doubt it will happen, and if it does, I don't want my ideas stolen haha), and I mentioned it to MG. He immediately said it was a great idea and that I should look into it. The next day he told me he looked into what it would take to make it happen that day at work. I didn't ask him to. In fact, when I mentioned my dream is was more of a "this could be cool" rather than "I totally want to do this" and he just took it and ran with it. I love that he supported me, encouraged me, and then took a little action to see what it would take to help me. Love that guy!

Hope you have a fan-flippin-tastic weekend ahead of you! 
Catch you up on mine, come Monday! (and hopefully have some engagement pics to share with you!!)


  1. The other day I had a dress and boots on. Someone at work told me that it was too soon for boots. This person gets to work at 9 or 10 in the morning. I said it's 40 degrees when I leave my house at 545am, boots seem very logical at the time!

  2. I'm having the same problem with TV shows being back on :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Love a good game of closet roulette... happens a lot here in Texas with the 90 one day 60 the next...

  4. Haha - I'm thinking the same thing about dressing for the weather and the return of fall tv. So befuddled by trying to keep up with both!!! Happy Friday, Jenn:)

  5. I am stopping by from the 5 on Friday link up! I totally agree about the TV shows! I have been browsing amazon prime and netflix all summer and added a ton more shows to this fall's line up! Good thing there is Hulu and online streaming, right?! :-)

  6. Tell MD thank you for doing the MS bike ride. I have MS and every dollar raised means SO much to me. And that is so sweet re: #5 what a great guy! I love that he is supported you to follow your dreams.

  7. I don't usually get attached to shows, but the Fall shows right now are so fun! I'm loving The Voice, Modern Family, and Nashville to name a few.


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