Weekend Update

This weekend absolutely FLEW by!

MG and I hightailed it up to PA on Friday afternoon to try and beat the traffic which worked out ok for us in the long run. That night we hung out with MG's parents and then his sister L came over with 2 of her kids, and then her husband came over later. It was nice to see everyone for a little bit.

MG and his dad woke up super early Saturday morning to head down to the MS bike race start area (we are talking 4:30am). His mom and I had a leisurely morning, went to see our littlest niece's field hockey game (7 year olds playing field hockey is pretty cute to watch), and then headed into Conshohocken PA for lunch with MG's two sisters, and the 4 nieces.
It was yummy food, and the weather had been so nice, but we ate outside since Cooper was with us, and under the shade, it was windy and chilly.

After lunch we went to the bridal salon and had MG's sister A, and niece decide on their bridesmaid dresses. It's a good thing we went because A changed her mind about the dress that she wanted. Everyone got measured, and my other 3 bridesmaids called in their dress sizes and styles so we have dresses ordered! CHECK MARK!

MG's mom and I jumped in the car with Cooper and headed to Ocean City, NJ to meet the guys. It was a beautiful day--perfect weather for the bike ride! The guys had already finished the race, and we were so proud of them! It took MG 5 hours of actual riding time to complete the whole thing. SO proud of my guy!

Even Coop was tired after our long day!
We stayed at a friend's house on the beach, so we went there to drop our things, let the guys change, and then headed out to dinner. Everyone was tired from the long day, so we immediately went home and everyone was asleep by 10:30.

Sunday was what we call absolute torture. We had to leave the beach and head to MG's sister A's house to pick up the van that his dad and he had driven down to NJ. Which was a good hour plus ride. But the family friend who was with us wanted to stop and have breakfast at a restaurant. He also was the slowest one to get ready and packed up so we could get moving, also. We didn't head to A's house until about 12. We got there and got our stuff out of the car, got the bikes loaded onto the van, and headed off. Then MG's other sister called to see if we could get their daughter along the way back home, so we pulled off the road, and drove into mayhem. It was their niece's track meet and there had to have been thousands of people there. So I went off to try and find our niece among the crowd. I found the school's tent that they were supposed to be at, but no one we knew was at the tent. So, I walked back to the van and we left without our niece because there was NO way to find her (and her grandmother wasn't answering her phone to come meet us). So we get on the road again after spending 30 minutes looking for her, and hit traffic. Dead stop traffic. What should have taken 45 minutes to get from A's house to MG's parents' house took us 2 hours. So we ran into the house, packed up the rest of our stuff and got on the road around 2:30. And then proceeded to hit traffic every direction we went as we got closer to home. 

Originally we were supposed to get home at 4:50, then 5:07, then 5:30...and we eventually pulled into our parking lot just before 6. Let's just say it was a day of driving torture. Poor Coop had been in the car since 10 that morning, and had only eaten half of his breakfast by the time we hit the road originally. Poor little guy was a champ. Being in the car so long, did give me the chance to have a catch up session with a long lost friend, though, so that was a bright spot.

We DID make it home, though, unpacked, did some laundry and relaxed for the rest of the night. Which means we need to do errands today after work. Arg.

All in all it was a good weekend, but yesterday was totally draining. I'm glad that MG did the MS bike ride and I'm really proud of him, and his dad, for doing it. 75 miles is no joke and they did it for a great cause, so go them!

And now it's another Monday. 
Hope you have a good start to the week!
Come back tomorrow because I have engagement pics to share!!!


  1. wow, sounds like a busy but good weekend. what a lot of driving!!

  2. Yay, MG and his dad - what an awesome cause!!! So sorry about all the driving - that would have driven me nuts! And yes. If Monday was a person, it would be her, lol:)

  3. first off I cant stop laughing at the "if monday was a person" that's exactly how I feel today!

    Sounds likes such a great weekend and beautiful sites!


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