Blogtember: Blogging's Impact on Me

Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

I started my blog as a kind of creative outlet for myself. I've always enjoyed writing, and at my job the only writing I do is reports and other things related to school and kids. Nothing too creative, and certainly not personally related. So, I think from that standpoint, blogging gave me a way to get some of my creativity, thoughts, etc out.

The unexpected part of blogging that has had a HUGE impact, is the support network and bonds that are formed through blogging. When I went through my long distance relationship breakup, the outpouring of love, kind words and support was overwhelming. Hearing that others had gone through what I was going through, only to find happiness on the other end, made me believe that I would be ok and have my happy ending eventually, too.

Since I've recently been dealing with my wedding drama, you guys have all been there to let me vent about it, support me, and let me know that I'm not crazy in that whole situation. That alone makes the whole thing better for me.

Not only have people been there to help pick me up when I'm down, but when I got engaged, the outpouring of love and excitement made me that much more happy and excited. I have this HUGE group of people to share such happy times in my life with, and that's pretty freaking awesome!

I've discovered new friendships that I otherwise never would have made, like with P!nky for example. We lived right around the corner from one another, and never would have known it without blogging. We became good friends over the past almost 2 years, and just this past weekend I was at her wedding and she'll be at mine in April.

Blogging has brought a lot of blessings into my life. The creative part is cool, and I love that, but my favorite part is the relationships and connections that I've made with so many of you. I can only hope that that continues and grows as I continue to blog.


  1. Aren't the friendships that come from blogging amazing?! Quite possibly my favorite aspect of blogging!

  2. Like you, I started my blog as my own little 'outlet' during the wedding planning season of my life - and had no idea what a wonderful blessing it would end up being! I love sharing my little slice of the world with sweet friends like you. Blog friends are the best! So glad you started blogging and we have become friends:)

  3. I agree! the feedback and following from blogging has been great. Thank you for getting me online and doing it (finally). <3 you!

  4. So true! I had no clue that blogging would go from an online journal/scrapbook to a whole world of interweb support!


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