Friday, September 13: A self portrait

This should probably be a scary face since today is Friday the 13th, but instead, I give you this... (sorry Instagram friends, you've already seen this one)...

Me and my own personal pillow pet. Except mine breaths, eats and poops. And spends the majority of the day sleeping. I may be a little jealous of that one.

Slightly more messy than a regular ol' pillow pet, but much more snuggly and fun!

Happy Friday! 


  1. I have a pillow pet that does all those same things! ;)

  2. So sweet! This is a perfect self-portrait for you - it had to have Coop in it!:)

  3. Your pillow pet is so adorable Jenn! I wish I had one! Beautiful self potrait!

    Gab ☮

  4. Such a cool pillow!
    I need to find you on instagram!


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