Five on Friday

It's FRIDAY, thank goodness!!!
Before the day is done and we head into the weekend, here's my 5 on Friday...

{via} yes, I googled "elephant stampede for this post haha
"What's Stompy?" you might ask. Well, Stompy is what MG and I have nicknamed our upstairs neighbor. She is a small little Asian girl but walks around with the force of a herd of stampeding elephants. She also apparently does laps around her bedroom at 5am, and at night into the 1am hours (thinking about it, this means she only sleeps 4 hours...). The other night she dropped something that had to have been super heavy because it crashed on the floor (my ceiling), woke Cooper up who started barking, and then she proceeded to stomp around her room some more. At 1am, you can only imagine the death glares that I shot at the ceiling. Stompy needs to stop it.

{2}-MG returns
I didn't mention it on the blog, because I don't like the public to know when I'm home alone, but MG was out of town for work this week in Las Vegas. Let's take one step back for a second and let me ask, why can't I get a job that sends me to Vegas for work? I digress. Anyway, I'm super glad that he's coming home tonight. I've adjusted to the times he has to go away during the week for work, but it stinks when he's not around on the weekends, so I'm glad he'll be back. When he's gone, I also get to drive his new car and feel like a cool kid. But, again, I'm glad to have him back so he can drive to places and I can play passenger :)

{3}-Engagement Pics and Rain?
Our engagement pictures are supposed to be this Sunday. We're cutting it close with this since we need to get the pics back, and then quickly order our Save the Dates so they can be sent out ASAP (before Oct 12th I'm hoping). But, of course, as MY luck would have it, the weather forecast went from complete sunshine and mid 70's to Showers. Son of a.....keep your fingers crossed that this doesn't ruin our session, because I really want to get these done! Also, what the heck am I going to wear??? Gahhh....

{4}-Laser Hair Removal
{via} Ok...maybe not THIS kind of laser...
Again, you're probably thinking "what???" but, I've decided to laser my underarms. (Don't worry, I'm not a hairy beast or anything, just something I've wanted to do.) I had bought a groupon for it a while ago and then decided against it. But, as my wedding is approaching, and now that it's getting cooler out, I kinda want to do it as my own personal treat to myself (as much as zapping your underarms with a laser can be considered a "treat"...) My friend did it and says she loves the results, and the timing is just about perfect that it will all be done by wedding day. Anyone had experience with it? I'm getting my first treatment after work today! Zap zap! 

{5}-Kids At Work
They make me laugh. Almost daily. Last week I had one of my 2nd grade girls come into my office, see that I had a wooden basket with a bow on it from my teacher appreciation gift last year, and go..."So YOU'RE the Easter bunny?" After a moment I figured out what she was saying, and she goes "Why else would you have that basket??" Yep, no other reason, kiddo. Now do your speech work so the Easter bunny doesn't get mad (just kidding I didn't say that) :)
I also did my Kindergarten screenings for one class the other day and when asking one kid about his siblings, he said "my sister is old," and I asked "Very old?" and he goes "Well, she's not dead or anything." Thank you for clarifying.
When the paperwork gets overwhelming, and parents stress you out, these are the moments that make my job super enjoyable.

That's all I've got for today. Wish my luck on my underarm zapping! (Looks like my weekend is off with a bolt...or a jolt!)
Have a good one!



    Engagement pictures will be fabulous, I know and am speaking it into existence :)!

  2. What a perfect name--stompy! Haha. Good luck getting zapped! I would also like to do my underarms, but I'm a chicken. Hoping for nice weather for your pictures!

  3. omg, according to my downstairs neighbor, i am stompy. small asian girl, heavy-footed! i do not however stomp around at 5am. ain't nobody got time for dat! LOL

    good luck with the laser. totally want to hear more about it!

  4. Good luck! I'm sure the results will be the worth the pain:) I've thought about doing it, but apparently the results are not very good for light-haired people like me (the lasers have trouble picking up on blonde hair since there's so little pigmentation in it). Sooo, I guess I'll just have to wait to take the plunge!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for your engagement pictures. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  5. I can't wait to hear about how the laser goes!! It's been on my maybe list for a while.

  6. Hello Friend! Switched my blog and deleted all my followers : ( come check out my new one! happy to finally be back blogging!


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