Blogtember: Life Lately

Instead of doing a weekend recap post, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and do a life lately post for Blogtember, which captures my weekend happenings as well! Genius!

Monday, September 23: A "life lately" post. What you're up to, how you're feeling, how you're doing on your goals, etc.

Life lately has been pretty good. I've settled into the beginning of the school year relatively smoothly, my kids at work have been great so far, and already provided me with several funny stories. Not starting a year totally new to the school has allowed me to start off the year with friends at work, which is always nice.

Wedding planning has been going great! We have pretty much all of our big things done (except the guys' suits/tuxes....MG is slacking on that one), and we just had our engagement pictures done this weekend. (The weather ended up being absolutely PERFECT for that, so thanks to any of you who put out some positive vibes for me on that one!) So, our Save the Dates will hopefully be done and mailed out in the next couple of weeks and then we're off and running. I'll give you a sneak peak of Cooper's involvement in the pics...
this was at our house, not the actual engagement pics
Coming up on the 6 months mark for the wedding day and I'm feeling pretty good. 
The drama with that other couple has subsided for now....fingers crossed it stays that way (but, realistically, I'm not holding my breath).

My goals for working out more consistently have been good. I've been able to keep to working out 3 times during the work week, and usually I'm a lazy butt on the weekends, but this weekend I did a little workout on Sunday morning which made me feel good (especially before the engagement pics haha). I'm trying to eat a little better as well, altho that was slightly thwarted on Friday when I ordered a pizza (for my dinner and knowing MG would be hungry when he got off his flight from Vegas). When I ordered, I got a large, not realizing we usually order a medium. So...when the pizza arrived and it was DOUBLE the size that it normally was....that lead to more pizza consumption than I had anticipated. Oops! (Hence workout #4 on Sunday haha). 

Overall, life lately has been pretty good. I'm hoping it continues in this positive direction, with as little to no stress as possible. Here's hoping the engagement pics look good, the Save the Dates get done quickly, and all things sunshine and roses! :)


  1. A smile and a can do attitude will make anything easy and fun. You're going to rock out the rest of wedding planning I'm sure :)!

  2. You are such a positive bride!!
    Can't wwait to see the Save the Date and engagement photos!

  3. So glad your engagement picture weather was perfect - I was definitely sending you good vibes. Can't wait to see them!!!:)

  4. Sounds like the good life! I'm glad all things are going well

  5. What a cute picture of your dog! Enjoy the wedding planning process! Sounds like you are doing such a great job with it.


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