Laser Update

That title sounds weird, but if you saw on Friday, I was going in for laser hair removal for my underarms.

Several of you asked me to tell you how it went, so what better thing to talk about on a Tuesday morning than armpits? :)

I'd gotten a Groupon for laser hair removal services (I bought 6 sessions since everything that I read said that that is the average amount of sessions you need for it to be fully effective), and the reviews on the place that I used were good.

The office was nice and all of the people working there were really friendly. I told them I was a little nervous since I'd never done this before, and they quelled my fears. The owner of the place, Sheila, is the one who performs the electrolysis and came out to consult with me beforehand. She asked me if I had any plans to tan my underarms (nope!) or if I had had any anti biotics beforehand (nope!) You're also not supposed to wear deodorant before you get this done either--just some helpful things to know!

I went back and laid down on a comfy chair thingy, and lifted my arms, and she cleaned my underarms with something and picked up the handle of the laser. At the end is a cooling piece that helps to numb the area that is about to get zapped. In total, for both arms, it took only about 5 minutes, and it wasn't continuous zaps, it was more of a zap and then 10 seconds or so before doing the next area. I won't lie, some of them hurt, but not like "I want to cry" hurt, just more of "that pricks and is uncomfortable hurt" but it happens so fast and then it's over. People have likened it to getting snapped with a rubber band, but it feels more pointy than that. It felt like two small pointy prongs that jabbed at me real quick. Sheila tried to distract me with talking about my wedding and honeymoon, which helped a little bit (but, to be honest, I was sitting there thinking "oh crap, the next zap is coming..." haha).

After it's all done, it stung for a little bit--not bad tho. My right underarm recovered super fast (by the time my left one was done, my right one didn't hurt at all) and my left underarm felt more like I had pulled a muscle. Sheila asked me to wait to make sure the pain went away and so that she knew what level of the laser to use the next time. She put aloe on both of my underarms and after a little bit both of them were a-okay. I can already tell a difference after just one treatment, so I'm really hopeful that after 6, I'll be hair-free in the underarm region! (There's a sentence I never thought I'd say...) I have my next appointment in a month, and I'm already looking forward to seeing an even bigger change after that session.
{via}  Yep, that's exactly how I'm gonna look after all points of the
(sorry, I couldn't resist putting one of these funny pics in here!)
At this point, I can say I would recommend it if you're thinking about it. I can also say, I don't know how people get that done on their lady parts. I can't imagine that sharp pricking feeling down in that sensitive region...but maybe that's cuz I'm a big wuss (totally possible!)

So, there you have it. My experience with laser hair removal. For all of the interwebs to see and read. :)


  1. Glad the results are worth the pain :)!

  2. Great feedback.. i been wanting to do it! I guess i wait to your next update then i might be sold lol

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I may think about doing this in the near year. Sounds like short term pain for long term gain!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing! Great to know and great idea to look into!

  5. Interesting! I think you are the first person that I've known to get it...I'd much rather have it in my pits than my lady parts. Ow...


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