Weekend Recap: P!nky's Wedding!

Phew! Another weekend and it feels like a blur since there was so much fun packed in!

Friday after work MG and I hit the pool for a bit to soak up the incredibly nice day (and the last pool day we'd have before our pool closed on Sunday), and then spent the night in.

Saturday I dropped Coop off at my parents' house since we were going to be at P!nky's wedding that night, and my mom got him groomed so he's all nice and cute for our engagement photos in a couple weeks. We then headed to a cake tasting for our wedding and found some really delicious flavors to choose from. I think we may have found our cake place!!

That afternoon, we went to P!nky's wedding. The ceremony was heartfelt and full of love, and the reception was SO much fun with the people we were sitting with!
The church was beautiful and bright, perfect for their day!

After the wedding, my new friends from the bachelorette party invited MG and myself to their house to have a beverage and hang out. After a glass of wine and a fireball shot (eep!), we were off to the reception.
The reception site was nice and the hors d'oeuvres were yum!

And then the happy couple made their appearance!
The whole night was filled with happiness and love--everything I hope my own wedding to be like. P!nky has a great family and group of friends, which made the whole thing that much more fun-filled. 
And then there was LOTS of dancing. And I mean LOTS! I can only imagine the hilarity that's captured on video and in pictures.
At the end of the day, I feel incredibly blessed to have witnessed such a great girl get to marry her best friend. I feel even luckier to have had this girl come into my life thanks to the blog world, become such good friends, and get to be a part of such a special day.

I wish you nothing but happiness for a lifetime!


  1. Gorgeous bride!!! Wish I could have made it.

  2. Looks like a lovely wedding! Gotta love a good wedding! I love your dress :)

  3. The wedding looks so fun!! I love your dress!

  4. Seems like a lot of people got married this weekend! Beautiful wedding! It looks like every one had fun.


  5. BAH! This post makes me so happy! :) I can't wait to hear all about her wedding!

  6. Awww, congrats to P!nky! Looks like the wedding was beautiful - the reception was a blast, I'm sure:) Isn't making you more and more excited for your own big day???

  7. YAYYYY Pinky!!! :) Can't wait to hear/see more from her wedding!

  8. I'm still so jealous! Love you both!


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