5 on Friday

Two posts in one day? And multiple days in a row?? This must be your lucky week...either that or you're starting to get sick of me. Let's hope it's option number 1 :)

Here's my 5 on Friday list...

{1}-Weekend Wedding
Tomorrow one of my really good friends, and my first blog-to-real-life friend, P!nky, is getting married. I'm SO excited for her (I even had a dream about it last night, and all of the excitement she must be experiencing being a day away from marital bliss) and can't wait to see her in her pretty dress! 

Holy moly it has been absolutely GORGEOUS in the DC area this week. LOW humidity, sunny skies, the perfect weather to drive with your sunroof open....I couldn't ask for anything better. Other than not being at work so that I could actually enjoy it. Or, having an office that had a window outside that I could open and enjoy the weather....but, I guess I'll just have to enjoy the brief exposure to it when I go in and out of the building, and after work. 

Everyone's support and comments yesterday about my wedding drama were amazing. I love the blogging community because of how amazing you all are when it's needed (and sometimes even when it's not asked for, too!) The situation has been less than fun to deal with (downright stressful and annoying), but hearing your comments, and knowing that I'm not crazy for thinking/feeling the way I do about it, means a lot. So, thank you for the support! It means more to me than you know.

MG and I are in the process of finding our cake maker, and we have a tasting scheduled for Saturday morning. It's right before P!nky's wedding, so perhaps doing a tasting of cakes before I have to wear a dress wasn't the smartest idea, but at least I won't be hungry during the wedding (either that or I'll go into a sugar coma....let's hope not tho). I'm excited to eat cake and hope that they can give us a good price and yummy options for our wedding day!

Gotta stack and "hide" where I can...
My office is feeling SO much less cluttered and cramped than it did last year. I'm out in what you call a modular (so basically a really large trailer with about 10 classrooms, 3 offices and bathrooms) which means that I have no storage closets in my room. Everything is out on shelves for all to see, and last year I came into an office that I inherited a lot of "stuff." Having been here for a year, I know a little more what I need, what I don't and what's just junk, so I tossed a lot and it's feeling a lot more organized in here. And, I've gotten creative with storing and hiding things....

Overall, I'm feeling a lot more "put together" this year, and less cluttered. I'm excited for the kids to see the room, and to have less boxes and more room to work with! Go me!!

That's it for today. Hope you all have a good weekend! I'll be off eating cake (lots of it), dancing, and enjoying watching my friend marry her best friend :)

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  1. Have SO much fun at the cake tasting and at P!nky's wedding. Yay!:) Can't wait to hear all about both!


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