WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

It's Wednesday, which means that it's time for...
assuming these link ups are actually up this week...
I'm loving that we're already at the half-way point for the week. Means we're closer to the weekend, but it also means I'm that much closer to needing to have a therapy schedule draft done for work. So, maybe I'm not loving that it's Wednesday after all lol

I'm loving our new tv stand in our living room. Our old one was MG's and it was metal and glass, BULKY and didn't really match the rest of our furniture. This new one is sleek, fits with the rest of our stuff, and opens up the room SO much. Love!

I'm loving looking at our wedding registry online. I'm kind of nervous for people to see it, too. We have some big ticket items on there, and I don't want people to be overwhelmed or feel pressure to HAVE to buy that stuff for us. But, it's really fun to picture getting these things over the course of the next 6-7 months!

I'm loving seeing all of my kiddos from last year. A lot of them run up and give me a hug, or purposely come out to my office (I'm not in the main building) just to say hi. One of the many things that I love about my job.

I'm loving that someone had the cajones to say to my "frenemy bride" that her email to me wasn't nice. Finally, someone said something! (Not that it's made any bit of difference in how "frenemy bride" has treated me, but it's nice to know someone saw our side of the situation).

I'm loving Post-it notes. If I had to pick one desk supply item, those would totally be it. I write so many notes to myself and other people on Post-its, I'd be lost without them. #dorkpartyofone

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest. Here's what I've been pinning lately:
I need to find these pants this season!
I love extra storage!

Crockpot Apple Crumble dessert---YUM!
I love animals!
this one just makes me laugh :)
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  1. I could make apple crumble in my crock pot? Heck yeah!

  2. BAHAHAHAHA to the vase funny - that is hilarious!!! And crock pot apple crumble? YES, please!

    Glad to hear that someone else saw your point of view in the whole bridezilla situation. You've handled it all very gracefully and stayed above the drama, so hears to hoping it will all die down soon! PS: I'm a Post-It freak too. Love those little sticky notes so much. Especially all the fun neon colored ones. I'm such a dork. But organization is my jam. And Post-Its really help me keep things together!

  3. Last pin is so funny! I'm glad the week is almost over! I'm exhausted!

  4. LOVE THOSE pants!

    Found you via link up! New Folllower :)


    XOXO Bunnie

  5. UMMMM i say voz, what you going to do about that?!?!?! ;)

  6. The pants are FAB! I bought some dark green (olive-ish colour) pants but I'm thinking I need that colour in my life now too!


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