I try not to get political on here because we all have our different viewpoints and opinions, and we're entitled to them. And today's post isn't really political, anyway, so don't worry.
While Congress is busy getting their heads out of their asses trying to settle on terms, MG is on furlough. This means that he's home all day and won't be getting paid unless they retroactively pay him once they get this all settled. Let's hope that happens because there is no way my teacher's salary can support the mortgage and the wedding we are paying for. Wah!

But, let's not get this all down in the dumps. Instead, let's look at the positives of having, what I have lovingly deemed him.....a house husband.

True, it's hard going to work when he can be at home doing whatever he wants every day (dang, that must be how he felt when I was on summer break), but in the last day and a half of having a "House Husband," the following has gotten accomplished:

-Cooper was bathed

-the dishwasher was emptied

-the bedroom was cleaned, including a dusting of my nightstand and dresser

-I got to drive House Husband's car to work....

-because he took my car to get it washed and detailed

-Cooper was walked in the afternoons by House Husband (not me)

-the bathroom was cleaned

-laundry has been folded

-House Husband was around to sign for a package that needed to be signed for

-he made calls to get tuxes/suits for the wedding

-he got us a good deal on our Verizon services/bill

And that was just in the first day and a half! If this thing goes on for 2 weeks, we will be poor beyond belief, BUT our condo will be spic and span...and who knows what else since MG can't sit still all day long.
Maybe I should call him HH from now on instead of MG haha...nah...

In the meantime, I'll be working to bring home the bacon! Except...we won't be able to afford bacon. That will be a luxury item lol


  1. Hoping the shut down doesn't last much longer for you guys and everyone effected!!! Do you want to rent MG out??? I can barely do anything around the house (thanks to a pregnancy hernia) and my poor husband has had to pick up all the slack. I'll pay well, lol!!!

  2. OMG - seriously. Congress needs to get their act together and just do their job already!!! Wish we could just fire them all. I mean, if we didn't do our jobs, we would get fired in a heartbeat, right? My hubby is Air Force reserve (while he is in medical school), so we're in the same boat as you and MG right now. He doesn't make a lot of money at all (since he's a student), but we depend on what he makes for Caleb's daycare and some other bills. If he doesn't get paid, we are going to have some BIG problems!!! Let's hope they get it sorted out soon!!!

  3. That sucks about furlough, but awesome that he got SO MUCH done!

  4. Nice! When Donny wasn't working at the beginning of the year, I got used to someone to do all of this stuff too! It's kind of nice to have a house husband... Lol. Enjoy it while you can! :)

  5. A the joys of a HH. I miss mine since MrB is working full time. But I like his salary more - haha!
    Hope this passes quickly for MG though


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