5 on Friday


Ohhh yessss, it's Fridayyyyy!
The end to another week with the weekend staring me in the face....definitely a good thing!

Let's get to some 5 on Friday action, shall we?

Like I mentioned yesterday, MG is on furlough this week...looking like next week, too. It's different having him home--more chores and things get taken care of more frequently with him there (he even mentioned maybe doing the back splash in our kitchen if he's off next week), but it's also thrown off my schedule. I'm now getting ready for work in the dark because he's still sleeping, and since he's home to work out earlier than when he was working, I dont have the extra little time I had to watch my Bravo shows that I had before (I just watch them later). It's little stuff, but it's my routine, and I'm a creature of habit. Those things are small potatoes compared to MG not getting paid, so let's hope, for all of the reasons listed, that the furlough comes to an end SOON! Maybe after I get my back splash tho... :)

Tomorrow MG and I have plans to go to Oktoberfest in the little village by our place. The only semi-kicker is that we're also going to celebrate the guy's birthday who is a part of the wedding drama. He and MG talked recently and we're all trying to 'move forward' (I'm guessing that means acting like adults when they are around us and no more sh*t talking on their part?) I'm not exactly sure what that looks like to be honest, but I'm just curious to see how I'm treated by the girl who has sent me those emails, spread lies about me/us, and ignored me at every social event we've been at. She's begun adding me to email invites again, which I guess is a first step? Let's hope no drama pops off this weekend. If it does, I'm out.

{3}-Bachelorette Party
Wow, we are already talking about this and it's still 6 months away. MG and his Best Man have been discussing their Bachelor party, and trying to find a date that works for everyone, which made me think I should get on this since I want to make sure everyone can come to mine, too. My Maid of Honor and I thought it would be a fun idea to have it near my birthday in March, so that way I could be around all of the girls I enjoy for my birthday AND my bachey party. Love this idea, so we're gonna get on this soon.
 I also feel like I should point out that MG and his Best Man are planning the Bachelor party, but they still haven't picked out/ordered their suits yet. Boys....

{4}-New Shoes
I love wearing boots in the Fall..and even the winter. I already have two pairs of brown boots (one set is suede-ish and slouchy and the other is more like a riding boot), and one pair of black ones from Steve Madden that I like. I was on the lookout for a good cognac colored pair and found one on Steve Madden's website. They were $99, and I just had to get them (I love the black pair that I have). When they came, MG was like "another pair of boots? You already have brown ones" so I went to put on one and show him the other, and how DIFFERENT they were. Win for me because he actually SAW the difference up next to each other (heh heh). They're a little more cowboy looking in person than in the picture, but I still like them.
Let's hope he's as understanding when I have two pairs of flats and wedge booties coming next...eeep! (And I can't hide them because now he's home when the mail comes, dangit!)

{5}-COOPER is FIVE today
When did my little 3 month old tiny ball of fluff puppy turn into a 5 year old??? 
he looks so different!
I love this little guy more than I ever knew was possible to even love an animal. He's the best dog I could ever ask for. I feel lucky on a daily basis that I have this cutie to brighten up the days. Cuddles and snuggles from him make my heart melt. His little wiggly tail makes me smile. His little humpy self...well, that's a little embarrassing, but I still love him all the same.
I feel very lucky to have had this little guy in my life for the last 5 years and I can only hope to be lucky enough to spend many many more with him! Happy birthday, Coopy poopy! 

And on that note, happy Friday, and happy weekend!


  1. Your pup is SO adorable!! Happy Birthday to him! Good luck with the girl this weekend! I hope she is friendly towards you :)

  2. PRECIOUS pup! we're dog-obsessed people over at my house too. my baby will turn 5 in april!!!! aren't pups just THE BEST?!?! :)


  3. love love love those boots! i wear my steve madden cognac wedge boots every day i can! and happy birthday to your pup! :)

    have a great friday!
    xo, sarah grace

  4. You can never have enough boots. I am a firm believer in that. And won't admit to how many pairs I own, lol!:)

    Happy Birthday, sweet Cooper! So precious:)

    PS: Hoping (for both our guys and for us) that the shutdown ends SOON! Or our boot buying days will be a thing of the past!!!

  5. Really loving those boots! Can't beat the price either! Happy Birthday to your sweet pup!

  6. his little humpy self made me LOL. happy birthday Coop! So cute!

    Crossing my fingers for NO MORE DRAMA! i wouldn't hold my breath though...

  7. Cooper is too cute! My husband isn't on furlough, but there is rumbling that if this shut down madness doesn't end soon, they could have to reduce his pay and eventually cut it out all together. I'm praying that it doesn't get to this point because we have two kids to take care of.

  8. Happy Belated, Coop! I never got a bachelorette party, but I think it's a great idea that you have it near your birthday!


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