Minnesota Weekend!

Happy Halloween! Since MG and I were away during the Halloween weekend, I thought I'd recap what we were up to!
Last weekend MG and I went up/over to Minnesota to see his friends from HS (K&M). His other best friend and his gf (J&J) came from NY and it was one big super fun weekend.

Friday night we got in before J&J, so we went to dinner with K&M and their two boys (who are the cutest things in the entire world!) We went back to the house and just chatted, caught up on stuff and hung out until J&J arrived later that night. We all ended up staying up til well after midnight which would have been fine except that the little ones are up by 6:30 am. There's no sleeping in when little feet are pounding on the floor above you.

The weather was nice on Saturday so we went to Minnehaha Falls with the boys. J and I mused at how our boys acted so much like boys when they're together, and when they're with the little boys.
We had lunch at a place called Yum, and it was appropriately named because everything WAS yummy!

Later that day we were able to tour the Vikings training facility (like we did last year). It was fun to see the little boys take to the big boys so much, running around the practice field and having fun.
you can see just how tiny you are in comparison to an NFL field...
Later that night we all went out to dinner at a place called Chino Latino (it's tradition to go here for dinner at least once), and it's SO good. We had tons of yummy food, and drinks, and I even did my first saki bomb (which splashed all over my pants when it fell into my drink....try chugging beer/saki when your pants are wet and freezing cold! lol)
Sunday we went to the Mall of America just to walk around. The guys went mini-golfing with one of the little guys while us girls shopped...and played hide and seek with the little one in the clothes racks. :)

We all went back home after grabbing lunch and got ready to head to the Vikings/Packers game that night. It was cool to get to park right next to the players' cars, and we even saw Freeman walking into the stadium.
We were able to go down onto the field before the game started, saw K and wished them luck, and then watched the two teams warm up before everything got started:
Since it was a Sunday Night game, there were sportscasters there, too, which was neat to see up close:
sorry the pic is blurry...Bob Costas was there
It's absolutely amazing how BIG the players are when you're standing right next to them on the field. Here are some of the good shots from when we were on the field before the game:
We got to see Christian Ponder, Adrian Peterson, and even walked right past Aaron Rodgers, which was pretty cool
Our seats were great--sitting right with the players' families. We even saw Adrian Peterson's girlfriend and youngest son sitting right in front of us:
Unfortunately for the Vikings, they ended up losing the game, which put a damper on our mood for the rest of the night.

We all headed back to the car and waited for K to get done wrapping things up after the game, to head home, and watched the players trickle out to their cars. We all went to bed relatively soon after that since we all had to get to the airport kind of early for our flights the next morning.

Mine and MG's flight was delayed 2 hours which was annoying, but we did eventually make it home, ran some errands, got Cooper from my parents' house (who has a new haircut) and settled back into being home before we had to head to work the next day.

Trips like these are SO much fun, and they fly by. The weather there was actually really nice (not too frigid), too. I feel very lucky that MG has some great friends--I just wish that they lived closer so we could see them more often. 


  1. Sounds like you all had a very fun time! I'm not really into football, but your seats are so great and that's awesome that you got to see so many players upclose!

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I would loooove to be that close at a NFL game! So fun!

  3. Hooray for fun friends! It's always nice to enjoy a vacation with good people.

  4. That sounds SO fun! What an amazing weekend! I would love a chance to go to an NFL game and see the players up close (particularly the Patriots good ol' Tom Brady - love him!)

  5. Sounds like you had so much fun! YUM and Chino are so good!! Do you come up to MN often? Next time you are coming, I will have to give you new restaurant recommendations, there are so many yummy ones!

    You are lucky you were here last weekend, it was such beautiful weather!! :)

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

  7. I don't really watch football on tv, but I LOVE going to the games!!


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