5 On Friday

5......five dollar footlong....oh, wait. Wrong 5. 
It's the first of the month, and it's Friday which means it's time to celebrate because the weekend is FINALLY here, once again!
So let's roll right into my 5, shall we?

Splitting holidays can be difficult, but luckily I'm involved with a guy who has a wonderful family. Last year MG's parents invited myself and my parents up to have Thanksgiving with them. It was the first time our parents met (we weren't engaged yet), and everything went swimmingly. This year, MG's parents asked if they could come down and we find a place to go out for Thanksgiving dinner (MG's one sister who is a nurse has to work, and his other sister hosts her in-laws and their MASSIVE family, so his parents are more than willing to escape for a bit). Since my dad is kind of struggling in the health department right now, going out to eat would be a little easier for everyone rather than cooking a whole Thanksgiving meal. I'm excited to have them down here. We (MG and I) might ride up to PA on Friday or something to see the rest of his family, too.
{2}-B-day Bar Crawl
This weekend a friend that I met through P!nky is having a b-day bar crawl. She has several different stops on the bar crawl with a special drink to have at each place (either a specialty or a favorite drink). Even though I may not partake in each drink, I think the idea is really fun and I'm looking forward to spending time with fun peeps this weekend!

No, not me, don't worry. A friend of mine texted me yesterday saying that her bf was applying for a job transfer from Boston to DC and, if he gets it (which she said is very likely) they would be moving in December. This is a girl who I met at a wedding last February, and we immediately hit it off-instant BFF's. We've remained in touch ever since, sending random texts to check in, or goofy ones to make each other laugh. So when I heard this news I was SO beyond excited that she might be in the area. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets it because having another super fun, drama-free friend in the area is always welcome!

{4} What's Cooking? Wednesdays
As much as I love sharing my recipes with you all, my Wednesday link up just hasn't been very popular, so I'm thinking of ending it.  I know a lot of people post recipes on Tuesdays for "Tasty Tuesdays" so I think people just aren't wanting to link up with me on Wednesdays which is a bummer. What do you think? Keep it or end it?

{5}-Phone and Tablets Allowed on Planes
Did you see yesterday that the FAA changed the regulations on cell phone and tablet use on flights, and now you can use them the ENTIRE time (but no phone calls!)? This is GREAT! I can't stand not being able to read my Kindle or even listen to music while we are just sitting on the runway (especially when you're sitting there for a LONG time). I never understood how my Kindle would possibly impair the operation of the airplane (it probably didn't--MG's pilot friends told him that the main reason they do that is so that people pay attention at the beginning and end of flights). And, I will admit, I'm guilty of only putting my cell phone in airplane mode. My phone being on, and not being used, made no difference in any of the flights I was on. YAY for this announcement and yay for easier travel!

And that's it--time to bust through another work day so that the glorious weekend can greet me at the end of the day!!
Have a fab weekend!


  1. I am soooo excited about the change of law too! I always use my nook and am stuck in the same situation...


  2. I think it's great MG's family is coming down to see your family, nice that y'all don't have to make the drive :)!

    Airplane mode people make me nervous....the day people can talk on phones in an airplane is the day I stop flying.....

  3. oh I didn't hear that about the planes. woot.
    very exciting about thanksgiving. can I come too? jk.
    I miss your face. I don't think I've talked to you all week! wtfudge? where have you been?

  4. I literally started giggling when you started this post off with the Subway jingle. You are too funny, friend!:) Your Thanksgiving plans sound super fun - I'm definitely a 'more the merrier' type person, so I love it when everyone in the family can get together in one big, jolly bunch!

    Totally up to you on the link-up. I've meant to join in WAY more than I have, but just haven't had anything to share! B's been on call almost every other day, so it's rare that I cook lately since I have single mama baby duty most nights. I love hearing what you're whipping up, so if you do stop the link up, don't stop sharing the yummy meals you are trying and loving!!!

  5. that's so cute that you and MG and both of your parents do thanksgiving! Maybe next year you can cook the turkey! :)

  6. The Bar Crawl sounds super fun! :) And I'm guilty of only putting it on airplane mode, too, but I'm glad I Don't have to feel like I'm doing something wrong now!

  7. I say keep the recipe link up. Who knows what will happen over time. Plus, if it's bringing in good pageviews that's a plus right? Maybe, reach out to some other bloggers to serve as co-hosts? Have fun with the bar crawl!

  8. Wow, interesting about phones on the plane! Yay! Hopefully it applies to flights in Canada too!

  9. I love reading the recipe link ups because I am always in need of ideas! But I admit that I never link up because I raaaarely share recipes :(
    Oh my lanta. Last year we flew to Hawaii and I read on my kindle the whole time. OOPS! But I'm glad I won't be breaking rules (I swear I was unaware) next time we fly!

  10. It's about time they changed the rules! How awesome! I'm glad that holiday plans work out with your families ;) We haven't had any issues thus far either.


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