Wedding Cake Topper: Opinions Wanted

This may seem dumb, but I'm having a hard time deciding on our wedding cake topper. I know what I want, but....well, you'll see.

We are doing a two-tiered cake that is purple ombre, kinda like this (the middle two layers) and no flower:
Pretty right? :)

The rest is going to be cupcakes, so kind of like this, but the 2 tiered cake on top:

I know the topper I's actually the LOVE topper in that picture above. Since our colors are purple and silver, and our cake is purple, I thought the LOVE sign in silver would be cute and a good way to incorporate some silver into the cake. MG is from Philly, that's where we got engaged, we LOVE each other; it works on lots of levels....

My 'issue' is that I can only find this on etsy, and only from one seller, for $110-130 (plus who knows what for shipping). That's a LOT more than I want to spend on something that goes on top of the cake (and is a significant portion of what we actually paid for the cupcakes and cake itself). But I like the look of it, and we'll be able to keep it maybe it's worth it....? MG isn't a big knick-knack person so I don't even know if we WOULD use it after, or not...but I'd definitely try to.

The only thing that I've found to come close, kind of, is this:
It's looks kinda silver in the picture, but it's actually white porcelain with the silver heart in the middle. It's also about $20.

This is where my OCD attention to detail comes in. If the heart was laid the other way (the same way the O in the sculpture goes) I think I'd be 100% in. It's cheaper and there's some silver. The end.

But, I really like the Philly LOVE sign. A good majority of our guests are from Philly and I like the idea of incorporating that element into our wedding...but, realistically, people may not even notice the heart going the wrong way. (I didn't until I looked back at the original picture. When I showed MG he didn't notice either.) I was also thinking the white porcelain might pick up some of the lights around the room too, which could look cool.

I dunno. What do you think? Spend the extra money and get the love topper on Etsy, or save a little and get this one that's not quite what I had in mind, but is pretty darn close?

 I feel like I should note, I DO realize just how absolutely trivial this is. I'm just at a point in planning where I can focus on small details and that's probably not a beneficial thing haha.

You all did a nice job of convincing me that the yellow chairs weren't a big deal, so tell me your opinions!

After looking at the above picture, I also now realize I need to find something to put in our cupcakes that's silver and/or purple...crap...


  1. Well this is a toughy. I think if it were me - if I had some extra funds, I'd splurge for the expensive one. But if I was at a point where we needed to pinch pennies, the $20 one wouldn't be that big of a deal. I only say splurge because you said you could use it in the house elsewhere and I think that one is more house friendly :)

  2. Splurge. Go for the first one.

  3. I LOVE this idea! I say splurge...its so perfect!

  4. If you have the money, splurge, you can keep it and use it over again and always remember it was on your cake. Sometimes its the little things that make the difference.

  5. You've watched your pennies the whole wedding, so now I think it's time to splurge. I knew in the long run the chairs wouldn't matter, but I think YOU will regret not getting the more expensive topper for the smaller one because your attention to detail.

  6. I'd get what you love. You cake is going to be the biggest attraction at the reception-- there will be a MILLION pictures of it. The last thing you want is to see those pictures and wish you had gotten the real deal. If it makes you feel any better, we spent around $100 on our cake topper too. And it's currently sitting on a shelf as decoration. I love it-- it was exactly what I wanted, and I'm so glad that we got it.

  7. Agreed with everyone above! Get the 'real' one. It means something to you, and I think it will end up being something that you will keep around for a long time - even if it's just as a bookend or just a knick-knack on a shelf. It's something that will make you smile and bring good memories when you see it. It will truly make the cake and I definitely think it's worth the money! (And remember, this is coming from a frugalista - I would never advise you spend the money unless I truly felt it was worth it!)

    PS: Check your email! I just found a couple of other options for you that might be worth checking into!

  8. I vote SPLURGE! Get the cool one :)
    When I found a Ring Bowl that said "You and me married by the sea" I just knew i had to have it. I looked all over for one but couldn't find it in SA. So I found it in the USA and then luckily a friend was visiting at the time. I paid $50 for it. That's a LOT of money in South African Rands. However, I loved it. I love the photos of it! But most of all, I love that we framed it and it now hangs above our bed - a daily reminder that we were married by the sea.
    somethings at a wedding are too special to skimp on.
    Good luck!

  9. Splurge if you can! I'd agree, I think that the heart being the other way would kill me too! Yay for Type A personalities! haha I can definitely see you reusing it on a bookshelf or the like. Sure it's expensive, but definitely reusable and has a lot of meaning behind it!

  10. Get the real one that looks like the sign. The second one looks like a poor imitation.

  11. Splurge:) And I'm a cheap lady. You won't regret it!

  12. I think $130 is thievery, but I guess silver is an investment? I'm glad your friend is buying your topper, so that you didn't have to stress over it ;)

  13. My first thought is get the one you actually want... But I think the heart one is adorable! And I honestly didn't notice that the heart went the other way!!


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