5 on Friday

Another Friday is here, and for me, this one came kinda quickly (but that probably had to do with not having to work on Monday :)

Time for some 5 on Friday!


MG and I saw this movie last Friday--I'd heard good things about it, and the reviews were awesome, but I wasn't sure about it. I didn't get how a whole movie could be about being "lost" in space...or something. But, let me tell you, it was really good! The movie is only an hour and a half, but it is heart pounding and just really well done. Sandra Bullock was great in it (p.s. did you know she's 49? She has a better body than I do at 30...). I don't think you'll regret going. I kind of wish we had seen it in 3D because I think it might have been that much cooler. Either way, I'd totally recommend seeing it!
{2}-Wedding Suit/Tux 
So, I thought MG and I had finally gotten the suit/tux thing figured out and settled on (I even checked it off on my checklist at theknot.com). We were going to do a gray tux from Jos A Bank for him and the guys. We went into a store on Friday (we had already been to one in our local mall which was of no help) to get everything put into the system, picked out, etc. After over an hour of nonsense and incompetence, our wedding party's info hadn't been saved in the system (despite trying 3 times), and MG and I left feeling very discouraged and not even sure we want to work with Jos A. Bank because of how inept their staff have been, at multiple locations.  Now, MG is working with a friend of his brother-in-law's at Men's Wearhouse to potentially do suits there. I took it upon myself to scan their site online yesterday and found something that looks great, and is within a good price range. I sent it to MG and he liked it enough to send it to his groomsmen for opinions (and the Men's Wearhouse guy for a hook up). Fingers crossed it gets done soon, so I can REALLY check it off of my list!

{3}-Furlough No Mo' 
The furlough and government shut down are over and MG is back to work as of yesterday. It was weird being back in our normal routine again, but also nice, too. And nice to know that we will be getting paychecks again, which are much needed. The whole thing was a complete waste of time, and money, but I'm glad that it's over...at least for the next few months anyway.

{4}-Cake Topper and Great Friends
After many helpful comments yesterday (thank you to all of you who commented!), we are going with the true silver Philly love sign for the cake topper. After reading my post, one of my friends and bridesmaids, Trish, offered to get it for us for a wedding present which was incredibly sweet of her. Now, not only will we have the cake topper that is perfect and I've had my eye on for MONTHS, but when it's in our home after the fact and I look at it, I'll smile knowing that it was purchased with love from a great friend, and made our day just that much more special :)
Special shout out to Jess for doing some research of options for me, too. You all are too too sweet and make me realize just how lucky I am to have you in my life!

{5}-Bachelor Spotting
Do you happen to recognize that guy in the picture? It's Chris from the Bachelorette (and Bachelor Pad). He and his business partner opened up a bar in Arlington a little while ago, called Bracket Room, which was touted as a "female friendly bar" (I'm not sure exactly what makes the place female friendly, but I did like it). MG and I went to check it out for happy hour last night since we hadn't been yet and two of our couple friends came out and met us, too. I didn't actually expect Chris to be there, and especially not when we were there, but when we were waiting for the bathroom, there he was! So we had our waiter ask him to come to our table, and he did. He was nice and talked to us for a bit and then he obliged my picture-loving self and took a pic with us. Fun times!

Happy Friday!


  1. Great news that he is back to work - what a mess that was / might be again! Ugh!!!

    And I love that cake topper... it's perfect!

    Hope y'all have a great weekend! :)

  2. i'm not typically one to go see movies...but i do want to see gravity! i feel a date night in the future!!! :)

    also - how crazy that you met chris from the bachelor?! that's seriously the only show i've watched devotedly since it came out. yep, that's right. haven't missed an episode. ;)

    happy friday!!!!!

  3. Woop for going back to work! YAY!

    And yay for good blog friends/friends helping out. I'm so glad you are getting the original topper, much more you and I know you'll love it.

    Weeeeeeeeeeee friday

  4. I was really happy with our experience at Men's Wearhouse so hopefully you will be, too! :) Yay for the fiancé going back to work! I love the cake topper and the meaning behind it!

  5. No problem, sweet girl! After all, what are friends for? Just so glad that you are getting the topper that you REALLY wanted - I know you will be much happier with it than you would have been with anything else:)

    Happy Friday!

  6. Found you on the link up!! So sorry to hear you were affected by the furloughs, its my line of work too but we got lucky with our contracts. Good luck with your wedding planning, that's so exciting! :)

  7. Glad MG is back to work. Thank goodness this government shutdown nonsense is over. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out with the Men's Warehouse.

  8. I really want to see Gravity! Glad you liked it!
    Come link up with me and enter my giveaway from Wednesday!

  9. I'm so glad you have a good review on Gravity! I have been wanting to see it but wasn't sure! Now I know it's good :) Yaaaay! The shutdown is OVER.. we are military.. it was a mess. So happy it's over for EVERYONE involved :)

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!
    Miranda : www.ournestingplace.com

  10. That's so nice of her to get the topper for you! How thoughtful. Glad you are getting the tux situation figured out, and definitely glad that MG is back to work! I didn't realize y'all were affected by the furlough.

    PS. I suck at telling the difference between affect and effect, so if I used it wrong, please tell me teacher friend ;)

  11. Glad the cake topper situation worked out! And holy cow-- Chris looks almost exactly like Gerard Butler in that picture!


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