Weekend Happenings

This weekend was actually not too eventful, which was perfectly fine with me.
Friday night MG and I stayed in, ordered pizza, and caught up on shows on our DVR. He was trying to take it easy because he had to be up at 5:30 am the next morning to make his way to the Tough Mudder in WV.

We decided a bit ago that it would be pretty boring for me to go and be stuck there all day waiting for him and his team to complete the Tough Mudder, so he went with his coworkers, and I went to visit my parents who I hadn't seen in a few weeks. It was nice to spend some time with them and catch up...and Cooper enjoyed the extra attention from my parents, too :)

MG completed the Tough Mudder...he came home hobbling around and in some pain from all of the activities/obstacles, etc. He even had a burn mark on his back from one obstacle that has electricity running through ropes that you have to get through. This whole thing sounded like my own personal Hell, but I'm glad that he enjoyed doing it lol.

Saturday was another low key night, as MG wasn't really in the mood to do anything but lay on the couch and rest.

And then Sunday we ran errands, and then went to a local restaurant/bar and watched the first half of the Eagles/Cowboys game and the Redskins/Bears game  and then took ourselves home to watch the Skins WIN (finally!) and the Eagles lose. We decided to take advantage of the nice weather (and the fact that Cooper needed a bath) to walk up to the dog park near our house and let Cooper socialize. It was fun and nice to get out and get some exercise. After rolling around in dirt and sticks, Coop definitely needed a bath. Now we have a clean and fresh-smelling pup!

The most "eventful" thing of the weekend, for me, was dealing with a situation with our cake people. Last Thursday night we got an email from them asking if we were still interested in using their services. I found this odd, because we had signed the contract AND paid in full for their services. I let them know this and they said they had no payment on file but would look into it and get back to us.
No money, no cake...
Cut to Friday morning, I was emailing back and forth with the owner, who was asking for the exact amount and date of the charge, which I couldn't find out since we had used MG's card and he was at work. I told her I'd let her know when he got home from work, but that I wanted to make sure they still had our wedding date on file. No response.
Later that night I emailed her that we HAD been charged, the date and the amount, and then asked again about the date. No response.
I called the store on Saturday morning and was told the owner was not there but my number was taken and I was told she would call me back. I JUST got an email from the owner's assistant (at 8:30 this morning) apologizing for not getting back to me since she was out (doesn't explain why the owner didn't tho), etc. And she FINALLY told me that they still have our wedding date on file.
Let's just hope they give us SOME kind of compensation for all of this hassle and stress. As a business owner, that's the smart thing to do. 
This place has amazing reviews, and we were really happy with them, up until this situation popped up--I'm less than impressed with how it's been handled, to say the least.

So there ya have it. My boring (and I'm totally ok with it) weekend! :)

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  1. WOOHOO for MG completing the Tough Mudder! As a fellow mudder I think that's awesome. Hopefully he's not too banged up and enjoyed the challenge.

    Glad you were able to get some time with your parents, I know it's been awhile.

    Phew they finally got back to you. Good to know things are on the books...for sure!

  2. Way to go, MG! Tough Mudder is not something I think I would ever be interested in trying, but am SUPER impressed by other people who complete it!

    Clean little Coop is so super cute:) I love cuddling with a clean pup - and it's so cute how they get so excited after a bath (or at least mine does, lol). It's like "HEY, I'm clean! I'm clean! Yay!"

    I think if I were you, I'd give it a week or two and then call the cake place back and just double check that you are definitely still on their books. Not having a wedding cake at last minute would be the biggest nightmare ever!!! Hopefully they've got everything sorted out now and you won't have to worry about it!

  3. Congrats to MG for completing the muddler!

    That's stressful about the cake place. I'd call back again in a bit to check again to make sure all is still well. Phew!

  4. The tough mudder sounds crazy ridiculous to me too, but good for MG!! Ahh what the heck with the cake people?! Definitely NOT COOL!

  5. Well that was an unnecessary little heart attack! I hope they take care of y'all from here on out!


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