5 on Friday

Fridayyyyyyyy....whoop whoop!
I'm SO happy for Friday. This week seemed to drag (I know I say that a lot, but this one really did). On Tuesday it felt like Thursday, so by the time Thursday hit, my body was ready for the weekend. Luckily, just one more work day to power thru!

Let's get to some 5 on Friday, shall we?

{1} Frigid
It has been downright COLD in the DC area this week. Like, so cold that I put my seat heater on HIGH cold. As I have said to several people this week (my students included), it should only  be this cold if it's going to snow and cancel work. That's it. In the meantime, I'll be over here with my glittens, coat and scarf on....

{2} See the Good
I know I wrote a post about this in the past, but things have come up again that make me feel the need to reiterate it, if for no other reason than to rant out my frustrations. IF/WHEN you are a parent, PLEASE see the good in your child. Obviously if there are areas of need that need to be addressed, do so. But PLEASE do not focus on the negative. Your child is special and has their own talents and gifts. Revel in those! Rejoice in them! I feel so bogged down by parents who come in here with a perfectly healthy, smart, capable child, who focus on what they CAN'T do, or what they SHOULD be doing compared to others. Appreciate what you have and the amazing kid that you have. The end.
{3} Visits
Wednesday night I texted my friend, who I met at a wedding last year, about a rough day I'd had. She's the one I mentioned is potentially moving down here in December with her bf. After texting back and forth I suggested that she and her bf come down next weekend to visit. 5 minutes later she texted saying "we are literally planning this out right now" and now they are 90% sure they're coming. I'm SO excited to see her again, meet her new bf, and show them around the city that may be their new home. Love that a whim of a text is potentially turning into a visit :)

I finally got around to ordering the candles for our ceterpieces for our wedding. We decided on ordering candleholders that had a small vase in the middle with hopes of cutting down on the flower costs. It worked! But what that also meant was ordering enough candles for 16 centerpieces, that each have 8 candles. Luckily I found a good deal on them on Amazon, they came, and I think they look great in the candle holder (and another item to check off of my to-do list!). What do you think? (Imagine the center vase with a bunch of purple flowers in it!)

{5} Dog Bothering
I originally wrote "torture" but that sounded more serious that this is. For those of you with pets, I'm sure you've 'bothered' your pet before...you mess with them a little bit. The other night, MG put Cooper's bone on his head while he was sitting on our ottoman, and he just sat there. It was pretty funny. He would move his head and it would drop. And then I had MG do it a few more times so I could get a pic of it. My poor pup. He tolerates so much from us. But also provides lots of entertainment.
He looks more pathetic in the pic because I caught him mid-blink.
Here's a video from Jenna Marbles on How to Mildly Annoy Your Dogs which is pretty funny, too:

And on that note, have a happy Friday and weekend!


  1. WOOHOO Friday! Congrats, you made it!

    It baffles me how many parents don't see the good in their child. So sadz :(

  2. I agree about always finding the good in your child. I also want to always support my child's teacher because she sees a different side of my children. Love the centerpiece.

  3. oh my goodness...love the pup bothering so much. it's just so entertaining!!! can't help it. ha! xx

  4. Seat heaters!!! My old car used to have them and I seriously miss them -- even here in Ca where I rarely need them!! Some parents are so worried their child won't succeed in life and the goal of making them "perfect" blinds them from seeing the little sweetnesses. I taught Kindergarten near Silicon Valley in a private, very affluent school. You wouldn't believe how many parents asked about COLLEGE acceptance rates and schools at Kindergarten Open House.

  5. Oh my goodness... #2- I just sat in a meeting where we asked the parent for the child's strengths and what they're good at and they could not come up with one thing. It was heartbreaking. I've been in quite a few meetings like that and each time a parent can not tell us one good thing about their child, it breaks my heart. :-(

  6. I think those vases will look great - good find, Jenn! And oh, the dog 'bothering,' I do it to my poor pup all the time too, lol! But, she bothers me just as much in return (i.e. loves to give me big sloppy kisses right after she's drunk a bunch of water and douses me with it), so I figure it evens out:)

  7. I think the candles are going to look unique and gorgeous. It's awesome you got a great deal as well!

  8. www.coastalKel.com says: l just wanted to tell you something someone told me a few years back. We spend our lives wishing time away...which Is what I used to do too. Wishing for the weekend to get here, and then before I knew it, the weekend was over and I started the whole thing again. I know try to focus on the day, and even though I may be looking forward to something, I am now wishing it would hurry up and get here, that way, I am not "wishing" my life away.

  9. Stopping by from the link up! Your center pieces are going to look gorgeous. We had a ton of candles at our wedding too and whole room just glowed. You will love it!



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