Weekend Recap

Although my weekend was relatively uneventful, it was pretty relaxing and that's a-okay with me!

Friday after work I had my 3rd laser hair removal session for my underarms. The woman wasted no time in zapping the crap out of them! 3 more sessions left!

After that my buddy and bridesmaid Trish came by to hang out since she was in the area for work. We hung out for a bit and then went to get margaritas and Mexican where we caught up more since it's been a while. We came back to my condo and had another glass of wine before she headed home. 
Since I was with Trish, MG had a guys night with his friends. Apparently one of the topics of conversation was that they all thought MG and I will be having kids first out of the group. The funny thing is, half the guys are married already, but they all think it's gonna be us. Time will tell I guess! (and I feel the need to point out that I didn't know boys talked about that kind of stuff...lol)
Saturday it was overcast and kinda gloomy. MG and I didn't really do anything productive other than giving Cooper a bath and going to Tysons mall in the late afternoon. I picked up some eye primer from Sephora, we did a little "wishful thinking" shopping at West Elm and Restoration Hardware, and a few other stores, and then had dinner at Brio. The lobster bisque there is TO DIE FOR and anytime we're at Tysons it's where I want to eat.
While we were having dinner there, we decided that we would walk over to Coastal Flats to get dessert and a key lime martini if it wasn't too crowded. It was the perfect sweet end to a great dinner date night.

We came home and watched the movie The Words on Showtime. I remember hearing that the movie was really bad, but I thought it was ok. (I didn't fall asleep, which means it wasn't too bad haha).
Like the old people that we are, we were in bed by 11 and slept for 9+ hours (still recovering from that stupid cold! ugh...)

Sunday was running errands and then watching the Eagles/Skins game.  Since MG is an Eagles fan and I'm a Skins fan, we had a wager going that whoever's team lost had to plan a date night. Needless to say, I'm now in the process of planning a date night...(dang you, Skins!)

In the midst of football-watching at our place, I tried out a new recipe that involved sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, pesto and quinoa. It was a hit!!--I'll be back with the recipe soon, but for now I'll make your mouth water with this yummy pic:

Overall, it was a low key weekend, but JUST what I needed.
And now, I'm ready to take on another week! 
Hope your weekend was relaxing/fun/just what you needed :)

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  1. Fun girl time is always good! And I think I'm with the dudes on who's poppin out kids first too ;)!

    Sorry the wager idea didn't help you win, but at least you can plan a fun date night you both enjoy. That really is the whole point right?!?! :)!

  2. That new recipe looks amazing! Glad you had a relaxing weekend :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  3. Sounds like a nice weekend! I'm totally now craving lobster bisque though!

    Have to say didn't think guys talked about that kind of stuff either haha

    Happy Monday hun!

  4. i love anything with quinoa!! so good. and how do you like the laser hair removal treatments- do you think they are working?
    Helene in Between

  5. sounds like a nice weekend. especially that Friday part. I bet it was the highlight of your month. ;)


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