Thankful Thursday

One more Thursday before the BIG day of thanks, so get your list of things you're thankful for ready so you're super prepared! If you want to join in on the thankfulness, link up below and share what you're thankful for!

This week, I'm thankful for...

....65+ degree weather on Monday. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day out. I didn't need a jacket, I wasn't shivering every time I went outside, and all of the windows were opened in our place in the afternoon. Happy-maker for sure :)

.....Pinterest. This may sound silly, but Pinterest has given me SO many great recipe ideas (the ones I turn around and share with you all!), ideas for our wedding, and things for my classroom/kids that I work with. Not to mention the other times it just helps me kill dead time. Love me some Pinterest.

.....shoe heel liners. You know, the little pads that stick into the back of a shoe if it's rubbing you the wrong way and causing blisters (if only they made "shoe liners" for people to prevent them from rubbing you the wrong way....). Those puppies have saved me from numerous blisters and have made some uncomfortable shoes comfortable! 

 .... free shipping and companies that offer it (especially without having to spend a fortune to get it). Whenever there is free shipping, I try to take advantage. I hate when companies (*cough cough* Loft) make you spend $100 or $150 to get free shipping. Target is ok (I still haven't gotten a Red card) since theirs is $50 and I can ALWAYS find something to get there to meet that number. I just hate paying for shipping when sometimes they don't have things in a store that I want, but they have it online. 

....phones. I can keep in contact with my parents, if something happens with my dad, my mom can reach me. I can keep in touch with my friends. Sometimes my best friend and I talk multiple times a day, just because. I love that I have the immediate access to the people I love when I need or just want to.

That's it for this week (obviously there's lots more that I'm thankful for but to list it all would be a never-ending post)! Share in the linkup--I'd love to see what you're thankful for!


  1. I was just as thankful [if not more for the warmth haha] about Monday. B-E-A UTIFUL!!!!

  2. I would love some warmth right now! We're hovering around freezing point at the moment and I don't like it!

  3. I had no idea that they made those heel liners for shoes. WHERE have I been??? I need those! (And love, love, love your comment about making one for people, lol!) I'm also a big fan of stores that offer free shipping, and have been holding off on purchasing a few things because I'm pretty sure they will all be offering free shipping next week for Black Friday. I don't have a Red Card either....And Jenn. I think we both need to avoid getting one. Because we could do some serious damage with a Target credit card. Like, irreparable damage. Lol!

  4. Agreed-- Pinterest is awesome. I don't know how I ever cooked without it!

  5. great list!! We hardly have online shopping so I am thankful for the shops that do let us do online shopping!

  6. LOVE Pinterest so so much! It's basically how I meal plan every week. Plus I'm getting some DIY Christmas gift ideas off there as well!


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