5 on Friday

Another Friday is here, and this one brings us closer to Thanksgiving! (Don't worry, I'm not "wishing away my days" as one blogger commented last week...just excited for family time and the holiday).

This week actually felt like it went by at a good pace. Perhaps that had to do with the fact that I didn't have a nightmare meeting with a parent this week like I had last week. But, I digress...on to more fun things, like...
{1} Fun Registry Items
{via} don't go buying them all though! :)
Part of the fun of getting married (other than the obvious) is registering for gifts. We did our big day of registering a while back, but as we come across things or think about things, we've added to our lists. Last weekend, thanks to Pinterest, I saw this fun little item, showed MG, and decided to add a set of 2 to our list. (You can also use the cracker part for dip and have carrots or something in the cup). It's something small, but I think it's cute and unique and will definitely get some use, at least from me! :)

{2} Friends-giving
MG and I had a couple friend of ours invite us over for a Thanksgiving potluck with them, and some of their friends. A friends-giving if you will. I love the idea of doing something with your friends before the holiday, because in some ways, your friends are like your extended family and it's nice to celebrate with everyone, even if it's not all together all at once. Can't wait for our Friends-giving this weekend!

{3} Christmas Tradition
I talked about this last year, but MG and I have started a Christmas tradition, and I find myself looking forward to it every year. Right before Christmas the last two years, we've made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants in DC, Old Ebbitt Grill, for dinner. We indulge in oysters, decadent main courses, creme brule dessert, and after dinner coffee and drinks. We really go all out (and feel super fat afterwards), but it's so fun. The food is always good, it's a fun environment, and we always enjoy it. Plus, we can usually walk over to see the National Xmas tree afterwards, too. This year, MG has already made reservations for it. We're going the Monday right before Christmas and I already can't wait. I love that this has become a tradition for us!

{4} Work Bathroom
Our bathroom at work is an adult-bathroom (thankfully) and it's a single stall/room. Something I hate about it is when you walk in to go, and it smells like someone took a #2. Not only is that bad, but then there's that fear that someone is gonna come in right after you and think that YOU are the culprit of the stink. I hate it. I think it gives me a small amount of anxiety when I'm in there. Rushing, not only cuz of the smell (ew), but also so no one comes and thinks it's me.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a first world problem.
Moving on...
{5} Dog Funnies
Pets are awesome. Dog shaming is hilarious. On a hard day, I look up some e-cards and dog shaming. And then every once in a while you stumble upon a gem like this:
Here's hoping your weekend is testicle-biting free! :)
Catch ya on Monday, lovies!!


  1. yes! registering is so fun..love little finds like that! happy friday! xx

  2. My old roomate and I hosted an annual friends-giving before it was a thing like it is now and it was always so much fun. We just called it a pot luck, but it was a great excuse to get fancy, eat yummy food and watch football with friends. I'm sure you'll have fun.

  3. You just stole my heart with two words in this post... oysters & creme brulee (I need them noooow!) haha thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!

  4. What a great Christmas tradition! I love Old Ebbitt! Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

  5. Love the last one... best dog funny ever.

  6. We went crazy registering before our wedding - so much fun. Dog shaming is also always a good time :) Have a great weekend!

  7. LOL.... that last photo made me laugh so hard because it reminded me of my old cat! :)

    Maria @ The Good Life

  8. Your Christmas tradition with MG sounds perfect - love it! Of course, I love anything involving yummy food and Christmas trees:)

    And I about died laughing at the bathroom one. I remember thinking that EXACT same thing when I was student teaching about the adult bathroom on the 4th grade hall where I taught. I had anxiety about that too, lol!

  9. Dog shaming is my favorite!

    And what a cute tradition, love it!

  10. Hahaah the dog made me laugh!!

    Have an awesome weekend!

  11. I saw those bowls on pinterest too! They're kind of genius. And omg-- I love love love the Old Ebbitt Grill! I haven't been there in forever though. What a great tradition. :)


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