Wahhh it's Monday, it's cold and the weekend is over. Wah wah wah!
Ok, now that I got that out of the way, let's talk about the weekend...

Friday night MG and I had plans to go out with a couple friend of ours, but they bailed, so we stayed in, ordered pizza, and watched Monsters University. Suuuper cute movie--love those Pixar movies. Cooper was even watching the movie, too:

Saturday MG and I went into the city to pick up his and another of the groomsmen's suits. We were going to walk around the city a bit since the weather was nice, but MG's friend wanted to go golfing one last time this season, so we got the suits, had lunch and he went off to golf. The suits look really good and I'm excited to see all of the guys in them on the day of the wedding!

On our drive through the city, I got a good shot of the Washington Monument on one of the last few days that it's gonna have the scaffolding around it. Pretty soon it will be back to being pretty again!

Early evening we headed into Ballston to start my friend's birthday bar crawl. P!nky came out, too, and we had a fab time. I was curious about how all of the walking would end up, but it was alright, and a good chance to get in some exercise. There were all kinds of characters out, still celebrating Halloween after the fact, which made things crowded and interesting. Overall, it was a GREAT time and I was glad I could be part of the festivities.

Sunday was a day of errands and then watching my Skins pull out another much-needed win! Woohoo for happy football days!

And now, it's a teacher workday and I'm at my desk trying to motivate myself to do my progress reports.
I don't want to do my progress reports. But, alas, it's time to get this dog and pony show started, so I'm off to immerse myself in paperwork. Wish me luck!
Happy Monday :)


  1. Stopping by from the link-up. So nice to meet another NOVA blogger. I am so glad they're taking the scaffolding down from the Washington Monument soon!

    Happy Monday!
    Forever Young

  2. Jealous you get to see P!nky!.... but love that we watched the same movie. We just need to plan a blog girls weekend...

  3. Agreed with Lynn - a blog girls weekend is a must! I need to meet both you and P!nky in real life:) And I am dying to see Monsters University. Love Pixar movies:)

  4. Love you gals! I also love Pub Crawls. I get bored at just one bar. The suits look great!

  5. I've been wanting to see Monsters University! I need to rent it!


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