Holiday Cheer

Now that MG is back, I feel like I can really start getting behind the holidays and looking forward to them (holidays are best shared with those you love, right?)
 I haven't fully participated in this "link up," but I've wanted to, so I'm going to pack this post with all kinds of things that can bring holiday cheer! (many of which are crafts, but who doesn't love a good craft? At least to pretend that you're going to do/make it anyway...much like myself!) Anyway....

Are you ready?
Who doesn't love a cute little gnome decoration? I love their tall hats! 
How about some cute Santa cupcakes? I could see these being a hit at a party,
especially with kids!
A cute, low-key casual holiday-esque outfit. I love the bright red!
Ribbon and beads, make these cute little trees (hey, that rhymed!)
I could see these being attached to presents or being hung from a tree
If you're like me, there are definitely several wine bottles being brought out
during this time of year for all of the celebrations...
why not make a cute Santa craft out of some? Love this idea!
Celebrate the holidays, AND make your tummy happy!
What a cute cupcake wreath! LOVE this idea, too!
I think these ornaments are adorable! Would be such a cute idea to have kid thumbprints for the reindeer as they get older! Santa ornament is super cute!
And now for some extra cuteness...
Dress up your dog like Rudolph! SO flippin' cute!!
And last but not least, a post like this would not be nearly as fun without a funny in it. So I give you this:
SO so so so cute!
 That's all I've got for today.
Yay holiday cheer!!

Oh, and to add to my general marks 4 MONTHS until our wedding!! Eeek! :)


  1. I wish I had time to do all those cute things...

  2. Those crafts look super fun and I love the Santa picture!

  3. Yay 4 months! It will be here sooner than you think! :) :)

  4. Love the cupcake wreath. That's so cute

  5. Holidays are definitely best shared with those you love:) So glad MG is back home with you now!

    All of those cute crafts are making me itch to get my DIY on. And that outfit? Well, I think I need to invest in a red sweater because I have everything else to pull that look together:) Shopping, here I come!

    Thanks for sharing some cheer today, Jenn!:) xoxo

  6. OMG the Santa with the baby is SO cute!


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