5 on Friday

It's Friday (the 13th--eek!), which seemed to get here SUPER fast, but I think that had something to do with 2 snow days and a 2 hour delay earlier this week. I've been really disoriented with what the date actually is all week #snowdayteacherproblems. I know you don't feel bad for me. It's ok, I wasn't looking for sympathy :) 

I'm glad it's Friday though, because there's so much fun stuff going on lately and coming up that I'm looking forward to! So, let's get to my 5!

{1}-Condo Complex Holiday Dinner
I was actually a good blogger for once & took a pic haha
Our condo complex hosts an amazing holiday dinner every year. There's yummy appetizers, dinner food items, dessert and adult (and kid) bevvies. It's a super fun time to meet neighbors, hang out with ones you know, and enjoy the holiday cheer. And the clubhouse is decked out in holiday gear complete with a tree, which makes it that much more fun. It actually happened last night and it was just as fun as always (this is my 3rd year going).  (Of course, MG's friend--and I use the term loosely-- from the wedding drama couple had to comment via a text that the holiday party is "lame" and full of "losers"....way to take something nice and ruin it with your piss poor outlook on things...). We had a nice time and I love that our complex does this every year!

Tonight my coworker and her husband are hosting a housewarming and holiday party at their house and MG and I are going! It'll be nice to spend some time with my coworkers not at work, see the new house (that I'm sure I'll be envious of), and enjoy the holiday cheer with them. Plus, the hostess posted on Facebook that she has not 1, not 2, but FOUR Christmas trees up in her house. I can't imagine that they are all full-sized but you never know. Definitely looking forward to tonight!

{3}-Work Holiday Party
This weekend will be filled with lots of time with my coworkers, since Saturday night is our work holiday party. It's at the same place as last year, which was a lot of fun. It'll be nice that MG knows some people this year as opposed to last year (not that that has EVER been a problem for him), and that we don't have to leave early this year for a birthday party like we did last year.
MORE time with the coworkers outside of school. Love it!!

Our new couch set is coming today and we sold our old set yesterday to a nice guy who'd just bought a house in the area--I was glad that he actually came because we had someone who was supposed to come buy them and take them on Wednesday and then he never showed up and never called. Luckily yesterday worked out and we won't have a small furniture showroom in our place when the new set arrives. I can't wait to see the new couches in the living room and find a cute ottoman and end table to go with!

{5} Chicken Parmesan Meatballs
Made them Wednesday night and they were a HUGE success. Recipe is coming next week, but for now I'm gonna tease you with this pic:

Happy Friday! Hope your weekend is fun-filled and/or relaxing! Get your holiday shopping done!!! :)


  1. Hooooray for a fun filled weekend with lots of parties for you party animals ;)!

    Tis the season woohooo!

  2. Your weekend is sure to be amazing with all of the fun holiday festivities taking place! Happy Weekend, Jenn!:)

  3. Cannot wait for that recipe...YUM! Y'all have fun tonight!!! xx

  4. Those Chicken Parm meatballs look so good! Can't wait for the recipe! Isn't this time of year so much fun all the Christmas festivities?! Have a great weekend!

  5. Dear god, those "friends" sound terrible.

    But yay for fun Christmas events! Have fun!!! And I'm waiting for that recipe :)

  6. chicken parm meatballs sound and look amazing! looking forward to that recipe!

  7. I can't wait for that recipe. It sounds and looks amazing!

  8. I'm so jealous of your holiday parties!! We don't have any actual holiday parties this year!

  9. Those meatballs look do yummy can't wait for the recipe!


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