Weekend Happenings

This weekend was super busy but also super fun!

Friday afternoon our couch set arrived! 
We're more and more pleased with them as the weekend went on.
We've already placed an order for a bigger ottoman, which will be coming in about a week! And an end table that's coming on Wednesday :)

Friday night MG and I made our way to my coworker's housewarming/holiday party. It was super nice to hang out with and talk (for more than a passing few minutes) with my coworkers, and meet some new people. Remember how I said the hostess had mentioned that there were 4 Christmas trees in her house? Yeah...she had 5!  Their house was amazing. I'm sad I didnt take any pictures...I was too busy socializing (bad me).

Saturday MG and I went shopping for presents (and I had to return some things to Loft). We ended up getting MG a nice new blue suit that he had wanted for his birthday (from his dad). He actually was able to buy the suit right then and there, with no need for alterations, because it fit perfectly.

Then we made our way through Macys where I found my wedding earrings:
They are exactly what I've been looking for, and I think they will be perfect to add some bling, but not take away from my dress, etc.

MG wanted to head into Brookstone, which is always trouble. He was looking at a back massager that he had told his parents we were interested in getting, and I discovered the best thing in the history of ever. A foot massager that is AMAZING. Once MG tried it, it was all over, and all of a sudden we had another "gift to each other" to add to our list (wedding bands, the couches...now a foot massager). It is the most amazing massager ever!
Saturday night, after our shopping trip, we went to my school's holiday party. It was nice to get to know my new principal (she started right after Thanksgiving) and to talk to some of the coworkers that weren't at the party the night before. MG made fast friends with one of my coworker's (who I really like) husband. Again, it was a night filled with so much socializing that I didn't take any pictures. You can slap my wrists again....

....ow!....ok I promise I'll do better in the future!

Anyway, the night was a lot of fun and we came back home, relaxed for a bit, and then went to bed. Sunday we ran errands, MG went to watch the football games with his friends and I took care of getting our response card envelopes printed. Next up: invitation envelopes! (I swear these are going to be done, and MAYBE stuffed, before Christmas!)

And now it's 5 days left of work until Winter Break! Let the countdown begin!
I hope your weekend was fun-filled!

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  1. Love the couch set!

    Also, sounds like we had similarly busy weekends. Looking forward to when they slow down a bit after the holidays. :)

  2. Love the earrings you picked out! Classy and beautiful. Mine were very similar! :)

  3. love the couch and the earrings. did you sit on your new couch with your earrings while getting your feet massage? sounds like a great weekend to me!

  4. The couch looks great!! YAY! Just in time for Christmas! And the earrings...EEEEEEK! DIVINE! Perfection!! xx

  5. Woohoo for a new living room and yay for Wedding earrings :)!

  6. That couch looks great! And I love those earrings you chose for your wedding! Have a great week!

  7. The earrings are gorgeous, friend! Perfect amount of bling without being too over the top (they actually remind me a lot of the earrings I wore at my wedding - which doesn't surprise me, as we seem to have similar tastes:) And I am loving the new couches! New furniture is so fun!

    Counting down the next 5 days with you!!!:)

  8. Hi from Mingle Monday! Those earrings are BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Haha I just looked up that foot massager, and that's too steep for me! I bet it's amazing, though ;)


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