5 on Friday

It's the first 5 on Friday of 2014 and this one's gonna be a great one!

{1} Dinner with Girlfriends
Last night P!nky and I had the pleasure of going to our friends' house for dinner last night. We brought the wine and she made the food, a yummy pear and blue cheese salad and fondue (which my cheese loving self had somehow never had) and OH how it was so good! The cheesy goodness was SO yummy, and it was particularly nice to spend time with my girls, just us. Here's to more hang outs like this in 2014, (just hopefully with a less snowy drive home, right P!nky?) :)

{2} Wedding Bands
Today MG and I are going to the jeweler where he got my engagement ring and picking out our wedding bands. Even tho I won't get to wear it for a few more months, I'm SO excited to be picking out the ring that we'll say our vows with, that will be on my finger for the rest of my life :)

{3} Double Date
Tonight, assuming the snow doesn't ruin things, MG and I are going on a double date with my coworkers (my coworkers started dating last year after the holiday party, and they are ADORABLE together). MG and the guy in the couple, M, got along great at the holiday party last year and this year we found out that he lives right around the corner from us! Alas, a double date was born :) I can't wait to hang out, just the 4 of us, and get to spend some time with them, as couples, and not as coworkers. We're going to a place nearby called Cheesetique which has the most AMAZING cheese dishes (I'm gonna be on cheese overload after last night haha). I see some Mac and Cheese in my future!

{4} Working Out
Now that the holidays are over, it's time for me to get back on track with working out (I'm mentioning this after I said I was going to have Mac and Cheese for dinner tho....lol). With the wedding LESS than 100 days away now (eek!) and my dress coming in about 2 weeks, it's time to hit the workouts harder. It's been a couple weeks of gluttony and some laziness (altho it really just feels like we've constantly been on the go), so I need to kick my own butt. Luckily I have Zumba on Xbox that I actually look forward to doing, so that itself should make things easier. And, thinking about looking splendid in my wedding dress won't hurt either :)

{5} Pets

Hold your pets tighter. Pet and play with them more. MG's sister's family dog was put down on the last day of 2013, at the age of 4. He had been dealing with a tumor in his nasal passage that, despite several treatments and a surgery, continued to grow until it affected him too much.
He was the sweetest dog...the family is torn up over it, including us, and he wasn't even "our" dog (but he was the type that felt like he was yours, too). It really puts things into perspective. You know you love your pet but when it comes to times like this, you REALLY realize it.  So, give your dog/pet a few more pets and love than normal. 

And, so I'm not leaving you on a sad note, here's a funny I saw on Pinterest:
{via} hehe, so true :)
Happy weekend!


  1. aw poor pup and just a baby! so sad.

    can't wait to see the rings you pick out. send me a pic!

  2. Yummy yummy cheesey tummy! Lots of fun last night, despite the crazy commute home :)!

    Have fun tonight!!!

  3. So, so sad about MG's sister's family dog. Makes me want to go home right now and love on my Ellie a bit more!:(

    Good luck picking out your rings today! You will love having a band. Sometimes I just wear the band and not the engagement ring (like while working out, or when we go to the lake, etc). I love my band!

    So wish I was close enough to get to hang out with you and P!nky once in a while. Would be so fun!

  4. How exciting about your wedding bands We actually picked ours out in November. We just happened to pass by the jewelry store while talking about what kinds of bands we wanted and decided to pop in. We ended up buying them that day!

    I'm sorry about your family pet...especially at 4! My dog is 4 and I would be absolutely destroyed if we had to let her go.

    I've been dying to go to Cheesetique! Also on my list? Cowgirl Creamery in Chinatown. I was lactose intolerant until I was 21 and since then, I've definitely been making up for lost time in the cheese department! Ha!

  5. that's so sad about your sil's dog.... i am thankful for everyday i have with scooter because of his health scare last year!

    and that cheese place sounds amazing... i'm drooling just thinking about it!

  6. Double dates sound like so much fun! I may suggest this to the hubs and see what he says. Change it up a little!

  7. YAY! :) I loved picking out my wedding band! SO EXCITING!

  8. I actually don't have a wedding band! I picked a nice swavorski crystal/white gold one out to wear for now, but Will and the jeweler are still supposed to design me one! We keep forgetting, lol.


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