Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend Update

The end of the weekend, and my Winter Break, is here. Wah!

they are actually very similar to this pic
Friday MG and I went to pick out our wedding bands. MG was running a bit late so I was chatting with the guy, and came to find out that his daughter goes to the school that I work at. He then informed us that he was going to give us a "really good" discount on everything...and I think that he did. I LOVE the rings that we picked out! Before MG got there I went through some of the guy rings and picked out my favorites, and out of those I had 2 that I really liked. When MG got there, he liked the same two that I did! :)

That night we went to dinner with my coworker friends which was a lot of fun. I had the mac and cheese which was TO DIE FOR! So so yummy.

Saturday we did some errands and cleaned up around the house since we were having a few couple friends over to watch the Eagles game. (And we both got a workout in, since I had been eating cheesy goodness two nights in a row lol). It was nice to put our new seating area/furniture to use...and everyone fit comfortably in our living room area. It was a successful get together, but the Eagles ended up losing. I didn't really care either way, but I know MG was bummed.

Sunday I woke up and got some coffee and then the power in our place started flickering and surging. It did so about 4 times and then it went out completely. This NEVER happens at our place since we have a power company right across from our place, so when it didn't come right back on, I got a little nervous. After about 30 minutes it came back on, but then our cable box wouldn't work. After a bit, we called Verizon, and eventually discovered that the main control box for our cable and internet must have gone bad when the power surges came through. We have no cable or internet. And they won't be coming until Wednesday afternoon to fix it :( Phooey.

Because we had no tv or Internet, we decided to pass the afternoon time and go see Ender's Game since both MG and I really liked the book. We both enjoyed the movie, too. It was even better because we saw it at a cinema and drafthouse so we were able to eat lunch while watching the movie.

After the movie, we went and bought a puzzle to do over the next few nights without internet or tv and started that after dinner. It's gonna be a tough one!

And here I am, on a drizzly Monday, back at work. Tomorrow it's supposed to be colder than it's probably ever been in this area. Ugh. Let's just hope our electricity stays on so we can at least keep warm, otherwise this chick is checking into a hotel :)
I hope your weekends were great!

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  1. sucks about the power! I liked Ender's Game movie too! yay on rings!

  2. Love your rings!!
    We woke up with no power today....but it's kinda normal in Africa - haha!

  3. So lovely!!! Our rings look very similar to those too....! I like your style, girl! ;)

  4. Sounds like a super fun weekend minus the power outage. Hopefully it gets fixed quick.

  5. Sorry about loosing power, but Enders Game sounds so good. I really need to read the book though. Haha.


  6. I just suggested to J we get a puzzle to do....

  7. Ugh! It's hard not having any cable or internet when you are use to it. Good idea about the puzzle though! And that is awesome about your wedding rings!

  8. Oh man, we haven't even started on wedding rings...I guess we should get to it! Seeing that you've already picked yours up lights a fire under me... :)

  9. I love your rings! I can't wait to go buy ours. Hope you stay warm and toasty and that your first day back with kiddos was good!

  10. Very exciting that you got your wedding bands and super score on the discount!!!

  11. Aaah! We want to see Ender's Game! We listened to the Audiobook on the Chicago trip, so we can't wait ;)


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