I'm addicted....

Hi, my name is Jenn, and I'm addicted....

to cable and internet

It has never been more clear than in the 4 days where we were without it (Sunday to Wednesday). Of course, during that time I had a day off and a 2 hour delay from work due to the arctic tundra that is DC right now....and normally I wouldn't complain about that, but without cable OR internet, it wasn't the glory that it usually would be (try and feel sorry for me just a smidge at least lol), especially since I was at home alone, and it was so cold out, it wasn't worth going outside for anything (other than walking the dog, and even that I debated for a little bit haha jk)

see? I wasn't kidding! :)
I know I'm a fan of tv....and I've realized through this that I like having it on, sometimes just as background noise. Even if it's just the news. Especially in the mornings, I like to know what happened in the world while I was sleeping, and hear about it when I get up before work. I don't enjoy getting ready  in the morning in silence (altho I did take home the rather large radio/CD boombox from my office on Monday so I could at least listen to that in the mornings of being cable and internet-less).

My day off consisted of 3 movies, the first season of sex and the city, doing some of the puzzle we bought on Sunday (while SATC was on in the background) and reading (and snuggling with Coop!). 
Realistically, it wasn't that bad, but I just missed the little pleasures of having a day off, like watching the Today show, or flipping through the channels to watch daytime talk shows. 
I think if I had had cable OR the Internet, it wouldn't have been so bad. But not having either one, totally stunk. 

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to disconnect for a little while, but I like  for it to be planned, on MY time (like when I'm on vacation in the tropical weather, not stuck inside because it's too cold outside to go anywhere). And NOT when the premiere of Downton Abbey is on (or any other of my tv shows that I love to watch). 

The only way that this would have been totally unlivable (ok I'm exaggerating a bit) is if my cell phone didn't work either. At least I was able to keep in touch and access facebook, Instagram, bloglovin', the weather etc.

The Verizon people FINALLY made their way out to our place yesterday to fix whatever happened when we had our power surges on Sunday (apparently there were 5 other calls in our building alone yesterday, because of the surges). When they gave us the window of 1-5 pm, and at 4:45 still hadn't come, we got nervous. Luckily MG happened to run into one of the many Verizon guys in our building and asked if he was here for us. He said no, but came by after one of his stops and fixed it. We got a call at 5:05 from the person who was SUPPOSED to come between 1-5. Thanks for sticking to your window, pal. In the end, we are back among the technologically connected people of the world (and a rerun of Downton is on my DVR, thank the Heavens above!)
But we aremuch more aware of just how much we love our cable and internet!


  1. I am the same way when I have no cable.

  2. I know you are ecstatic, woohoo!

  3. I hear you on the TV addiction!

  4. My husband just texted and said the power is out. The ice must have caused a branch to fall which knocked it out. I hope they get it fixed before I get home!

  5. It's not bad to unplug from those things once in a while - but like you said, on your own time. And yep - preferably while you're on a tropical beach vacation and don't need a computer or tv anyways! But NOT when it's grey and freezing outside! I'm like you. I like to have the tv on as background noise, especially when B's not in town. It would feel really quiet and empty without the tv noise now that I've gotten so accustomed to it!

  6. We were just going to cancel ours for this month, but then we wussed out lol. Although, it may be a month before we get it with the move!


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