5 on Friday

It's Friday! This week has felt all over the place with a day off from work, and a two hour delay, but I'm still glad that it's already Friday!

These are the invitations we used, but not our information
Our wedding invitations are OUT in the mail, being delivered as we speak (and two of my friends told me yesterday that they already got theirs)! It's totally happening! It seems kind of surreal that we're already at the stage of sending out the invitations, and that we'll be getting response cards soon! (Sunday marks 3 months til wedding day!)

{2}-Dinner Double Date
This seems to be a growing trend with MG and I, but tonight we're going on a double date with another couple friend. They are super fun and it's been a while since we've gotten a chance to hang out with them, so I'm excited to finally have found a time to do it! We're going to the place that MG and I had our first date at, and I always love going there since it brings back those memories (and it's always fun to see how far we've come since that first date!)

{3}-TV Catch Up
Now that we have our cable and our internet back, I've made my way through the channel guide, and  set recordings for all of the shows that I missed during my 4 days of TV hiatus. Which means: I'm caught up on Downton Abbey (YAY!), the Bachelor, and I have several other shows to keep me busy this weekend. And, a shout out to all of you who made me feel normal when I confessed that I have an addiction to cable and internet yesterday. You made me feel that much more normal :)

{4}-My Dress!!!
I realized yesterday that my wedding dress is supposed to come in NEXT week!!! When I bought my dress they said January 15-17th, which at the time, seemed SO far. But it's a WEEK or LESS away! I'm excited and a little nervous, but pretty much over the moon that it's coming in! I honestly can not believe that my dress is going to be here SO soon! Man I need to work out super hard the next week!

{5}-Back to School
This week was the first one back at school after Winter Break, but it turned into a day off and two delays because of the polar vortex and freezing rain (this morning). So, a crazy week was made that much crazier. This probably sums up a lot of teachers' feelings about returning after the break(s):
Fortunately, my kiddos have been pretty good this week (altho I DID use that exact phrase yesterday with one of my groups...). I'll count myself lucky :)

Happy Friday!


  1. YAY for the invitations and dress coming in!! Your big day will be here before you know it!!

  2. Woohoo, wedding day is so close, it's gonna be here quickly now :)!

    Hope you have fun at dinner, good friends are always a joy!

  3. I know you must be SO excited about your dress! I remember when mine came in (which was around the same time of year that yours is, just a few weeks after Christmas since our wedding was scheduled for April). I was a bit nervous about it since it had been so long - I felt like I had almost forgotten what it looked like! But I fell in love with it again the minute I put it on! You will be so excited to have it on and fitted just for you!:)

  4. How exciting that your dress is almost in! I was so excited to try my dress on again after I ordered it. And your invitations are so pretty! They look a lot like mine did! :)

    I found your from the 5 on Friday link up and I'm a new follower! :)
    Amanda @ Happily Ever After

  5. Stopping by from the link up!! Just noticed you were an SLP and also from the east coast!! I'm studying to be an SLP and from the east coast as well! Have a great weekend!!


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