Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What Would You Do If....

I heard a story on this radio show that I listen to in the mornings as I drive to work, about how the producer of the radio show had asked this girl (who was apparently VERY out of his league) out for the night, and told her he was going to take her to an "exclusive, card-carrying, members-only club"....Sounds kinda cool for a first date, right?

Cut to the date night: he drove up to Sam's Club (like a Costco, or BJ's for those of you who don't have Sam's club), a bulk retail store...with the intention of taking her around for "hors d'oeuvres"....aka free samples.
Apparently on Fridays there aren't any freebies out, so they ended up leaving and he took her to a real restaurant, but then got offended when everyone on the radio show was making fun of him.

What would you do if a guy told you he was taking you to the exclusive, card-carrying members only club, only to pull up to a Sam's club? 
I think it's funny that he said what he said, but I also think it's pretty tacky to do on a first date. And, also, did he not think he was setting himself up for a disaster? Imagine a girl getting all dressed up for a fancy shmancy place, and you end up at a Sam's Club.

What would you do? Stay and roll with it? Stay and deal with it (but never talk to him again)? Or leave?


  1. That's.....interesting?!?! Boys are weird!

  2. I dunno, gotta admit its kinda clever and man I love me some sample from Sam's.... I go so I don't have to eat lunch! I would give him points for clever, but yeah probably be a tad peeved too.

  3. Bahahaha. Please tell me this was Erick from the Kane Show!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! If he seemed like the type of funny, laugh-at-himself type of guy who would do something like this just for kicks, I'd probably be into it and be interested to see what else he had up his sleeve. But if I got the vibe that he was just trying to be cheap or really thought Sam's Club was appropriate for a first date, I'd be totally turned off. Fine line!

  5. I think this is hilarious! HOWEVER, not for a first date. I think he was trying to be different because she is probably used to fancy first dates and he wanted to make an impression.

  6. LOL I would die if a guy too me to Sam's on a date! I mean that is soooo tacky and I'd probably think it was a joke anyways! ha

  7. I could see Will doing that for a joke, and that would be hilarious...however, if he was dead serious about it...NO. Haha

  8. Everyone knows that Sam's Club only has samples on Saturday and Sunday afternoons...DUH. Just kidding, but really it would be kind of funny as a joke. But only if he actually made real plans afterwards.


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